Perfume Review: Blooddrop Perfumes

Written December 2012.

Yay! This will be my final perfume shipment of the year (possibly for the next year as well as I need to start saving up money).

Intro: Across the internet, I've seen the mentioning of a company called Blooddrop (full name: Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries). Blooddrop makes corsets, perfumes, and some bath and body products as well. The overall theme of the shop and the products is really pretty, and I've been intrigued by it for a while, however I never had the real urge to get anything.

Check out the website or etsy shop here:

During Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend, Blooddrop had a coupon for 10% off on its etsy shop. Blooddrop sells all of its products on its main website (blooddrop.com) and its limited edition collections on etsy. Blooddrop also has this special deal called "Oooh Surprisey Mystery What Could It Possibly Be Perfume Oil from Blooddrop" which, if purchased, is a specially discounted single perfume from a randomly chosen past collection (overstock), with one catch: the owner, Astrid, chooses the perfume. So you won't know what you're getting.

Limited edition bottles run for $15 a pop. Regular line perfumes run for $12.50, and these "surprisey mystery" bottles run for $7.50.

Clearly the surprisey ones are more along my typical budget for perfumes.

I bought 3, and had a 10% off coupon.
(7.5 each * 3 bottles) * 0.9 = $20.25
20.25 + 6.5 priority mail shipping = $26.75
That makes $8.92 per bottle, which is still a reasonably good deal to me.

Blooddrop doesn't have a stated turnaround time, so I just forgot about it until I got a notice saying it shipped. xD Even so, the TAT was very reasonable at 7 days.

11/28/12 - Ordered & Paid.
12/5/12 - Package shipped out.
12/7/12 - Package received.


It's like getting Christmas presents early! (And I blocked out my name for privacy xD)

I think Blooddrop is running a holiday special right now in which every order gets a surprise extra perfume for free. :D
What I received (descriptions are my impressions from smelling the bottle, followed by how it is after trying it on my skin):
  • La Tasseographie - Cucumber! Like real, sliced and fresh cucumber. // Cucumber and a lot of freshness. Like clear water, or linen. Just very fresh, light, and watery. I think of a misty, light green color when I smell this. It's pleasant, but the one downfall is that it's not very long-lasting. I put it on at 1PM. By 2:32PM, I can barely smell a faint whisper of the scent, and by 3PM, it's gone. I don't know if it's my sensory adaptation or if the oil is just that light. This is definitely a perfume that will not grab anyone's attention, since no one (even yourself) can really smell it.
  • Wonderland - Cough syrup, synthetic cherry, and berries? //  Immediately I'm hit by synthetic cherry (think cherry chapstick but sharper) and minty-ness. After settling down a bit, the initial notes are a little weaker and some pine starts coming out. Eventually it becomes a fresh, slightly piney, slight minty scent which my roommates say smells exactly like those pine-tree car fresheners. The lasting power on this is also pretty short at around 3-4 hours on me. The initial burst is a bit off-putting to me, and the drydown isn't bad, but it doesn't wow me nor amaze me either. 
  • Earthworm - Smells exactly like the Boots Botanics Organic Nourishing Body Oil. Earthy and rich with some soil, a touch of sweetness, and something herbal. // Sharp herbs and pungent soil. After it dries and settles down, the soil smells a bit fecal to me (lol, "It smells like shit," literally), so it's a major turn-off. I'm not liking this one. I quickly took a shower afterwards, so I'm not sure about the longevity.
  • Durprise! (free) - Dark chocolate, apple pie filling. // It smells like dark chocolate and baked spiced apples when it's still wet. Delicious. However, after it dries and settles down for a bit, it starts to get a metallic smell. I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps it's the apple cider smell? The chocolate fades almost immediately and I'm left with metallic spiced apple or apple cider. Three to four hours after application, I can still catch a whiff of this if I inhale deeply with my wrist shoved against my nose, but the smell is so faint that it only smells a little bit like cinnamon. 
Now the descriptions as found online:
  • La Tasseographie - Discontinued from regular line. The fine and historical art of reading tea leaves to see into one's future. White porcelain, a blend of three different tea leaves and accompaniments.
  • Wonderland - From 2011 Winter Collection. A winter wonderland of cold and beauty trapped within a small bottle. This outdoor perfume contains piles and piles of snow, icicles a mile long, rosy pink cheeks and noses. A none-too-piney blend of snow covered firs, cold ozone, vanilla, white rose, white musk, heliotrope and copaiba balsam.
  • Earthworm - From 2009 Summer Collection. This is a very lush blend of sandalwood, earth, vanilla oleoresin, coffee beans, Arabian musk, labdanum, peru balsam, osmanthus, a tiny leaf of thyme and a wee sprig of coriander.
  • Durprise! (free) - No description available, but other people are saying the same thing: chocolate, apples, and spice.
So my thoughts? I don't like 3 out of 4 of them. EDIT 4/2013: All of them are not long-lasting, and they're just not my thing. I've sold off Wonderland, Durprise, and Earthworm at this point, and I only kept La Tasseographie because it is unique (I don't have anything like it in my collection).

Perfume Review: Arcana & Villainess

This was copied and pasted directly from my tumblr. Written circa December 2012.


Villainess Whipped (whipped body butter/lotion) in Dulces en Fuego: Feels like a thick whipped buttercream frosting and smells like spices and chocolate. Yum. Moisturizing but not greasy, sinks into skin quickly. Fancy packaging. I approve!






Descriptions taken from The Soap Box Co. (where I bought them).

Reign in Hell: Rich cocoa absolute, black tea, cassia cinnamon, blonde tobacco absolute, apricot, patchouli, and vanilla oleoresin.
On Skin: I get bitter cocoa, very faint cinnamon, and unidentified sweetness rounded out with something a little smokey and very smooth. Liquid is orange and contains black blobs (probably from the cocoa absolute). After drying down a bit, smells like something bitter and smooth with a touch of cinnamon on top and some sweetness. FAVORITE ONE!

Chicanery and Chimeras: The other side of the Knight of Cups. Delusions, hallucinations, phantasms, and nightmares. Empty blessings and beautiful curses. Rich benzoin over a base of Madagascar vanilla, golden amber, salt water, clove, sweet musk, pumpkin, patchouli, and sugarcane.
On Skin: Sweet tangerines (not oranges, but tangerines!), and then the same smell as dried mangoes (like the kind you can get from Costco). The perfume oil is orange and a bit sticky. Maybe from the pumpkin and sugarcane? For some reason the label says Chimeras and Chicanery. =.= Print fail?

Venous Return: The saline warmth of blood flowing back to the heart. Orange flower, bitter chocolate, dragons blood resin, red myrrh, musk, peppercorn, cassia, and iron-distilled patchouli.
On Skin: A bit of orange, some plastic, some rubber. Kinda metallic and reminds me of vomit as well. Wtf? I think I might sell this...

Alec D'Urberville: The profligate essence of an aristocratic libertine. Amber resin, charred Madagascar vanilla, French cognac, clove, sandalwood, and dark musk.
On skin: Heavily burnt rubber tires? Wtf? I think I might sell this...



OVERALL: Well, it seems I only fully like Reign in Hell, half-like Chicanery & Chimeras, feel iffy about Venous Return, and reject Alec D'Urberville.

My fault. I was ambivalent about buying Venous Return because it contains orange flower (and I dislike perfumes that contain any citruses and HATE perfumes that contain flowers), but I was hoping the other notes would overpower the orange flower. I guess it didn't and actually made it worse. Hahaha.
I took a leap of faith for Alec D'Urberville because after reading some reviews raving about Alec, I decided to try something new. NEVER AGAIN. I should've gotten Morphine (chocolate & patchouli) or Caffeinated Death (spicy chai boozy coffee) or something else that was more my style.

The Soap Box Co. ships very quickly using priority mail with a tracking number.

4/14/2013 Edit: I've sold off all of the Arcana perfumes except for Reign in Hell.

Villainess Whipped in "Dulces en Fuego" is extremely moisturizinging without being greasy. It's very strange. Sometimes it even makes me legs (where I usually apply it) feel tight like they're dry, but then I touch them and they're just silky smooth and moisturized. Odd.

Makeup Review: Shiro Cosmetics "TARDIS"

Copied and pasted directly from my tumblr. This was the color of the month for November 2012 if I am remembering correctly...

Yeah. This happened.

Shiro Cosmetics made a color-of-the-month called "TARDIS."

I had to buy it, even though my previous (and also my very first) order with Shiro Cosmetics wasn't very satisfactory. Most of the shadows were kinda patchy and not as pigmented as I thought they would be. They're hard to blend, have a lot of fall-out even with a primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (FPE) and careful patting and not sweeping. The colors that are just single shimmery colors are pigmented and work wonderfully, but the colors with all the special sparkles and glitter are the ones that I can't work with no matter what I do (and they're usually the ones that I want instead of the simpler colors because they're complex and pretty). I don't have any issues with Fyrinnae's or Darling Girl Cosmetics's eyeshadows, and the majority of shadows I buy from those two companies are the sparklebombs. I dunno, I guess I just have bad luck with SC even though there are tons of people who love it. I want to love it too. ;;___;;

Moving on.

TAT is up to 2 weeks, but once the package was shipped there is a tracking number. Super speedy 3-day shipping. Woot!


Nice hand-written note and nicely-wrapped items.


Card, TARDIS eyeshadow, one sample I purchased, one free sample, and candy!


The top and bottom of the TARDIS jar.


I wish you could see the photo underneath in HD. I took it with a huge resolution using macro. It's great. Hahaha.



Sloppily applied and half-ass eyeliner (also try to ignore the pimples and wtf is going on with my brows), but this is with primer (but no FPE because I don't have it with me at the moment) and layered about 5-6 times each eye. See how it's uneven and patchy? All of the sparkles fell onto my cheeks and the blue isn't as intense as I want it to be (like how it looks in the jar). Another disappointment... Maybe when I get home and grab my FPE it will make it better...

It's still a pretty blue though.

As cool and awesome as the whole store is, I think I'll just stop buying eyeshadows from them from now on, since I keep getting underwhelmed. Shiro Cosmetics is a great brand, has an awesome owner and an awesome geeky premise going on, but I just can't seem to work with their eyeshadows no matter what I do/use. I think I'll try buying the lip products instead next time, and maybe if I ever feel like it, grab one or two of the more simpler (non-sparkly/glitter-loaded) colors.

The picture below was taken from the company's official facebook page. HOW DOES THE OWNER MAKE IT LOOK THAT INTENSE?! AND ALL THE SPARKLES ACTUALLY STICK?!?! T_T



Makeup Review: Silk Naturals

Bought - 2/3/13
Shipped - 2/4/13
Received - 2/6/13

What I got:
  • Vegan Lipstick in "Negligee" - Supposedly a dupe for MAC "Velvet Teddy," which is generally considered across the internet the best "nude lipstick" for people with my skin's shade. I agree. It's quite flattering/compatible. I wish it were a smidge lighter.
  • Kisser Slicker Organic Lipgloss Stick in "Centerfold" - Centerfold is a sheer light tan nude, with no shimmer and just a hint of pink in it. It turns out that it's actually the same color as my lips, so when I put it on, it just makes my lips more even-toned and shiny. ***UPDATE: If I put this on in the morning, by midday this makes my lips PEEL, FLAKE, and feel raw like no other. A BIG NO.
  • 2% BHA Toner (4oz. bottle) - Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Black Willow Bark Extract. I haven't tried it yet, but I generally get good results with BHA (salicylic acid), so I think this will probably work as well.
  • "Namaste" Eyeshadow (Free gift with purchase) - Light, shimmery (almost metallic) peach beige. I guess I can use this for natural/easy daytime looks. 
  • Free Sample of "Secret" Lip Gloss - Reddish, pinkish brown. Looks like a slightly metallic and warmer version of Covergirl "Rush." (I didn't swatch this sample, but I did swatch "Rush." See pictures below.)
About the company: They have an extensive eyeshadow selection. They do a lot of dupes of colors from larger commercial brands (like MAC, Bare Minerals, Bobbi Brown, NARS, etc.). They have several different types of lip products as well and some are dupes of MAC colors (again). They also have blushes (once again, some are dupes of famous commercial brands). I hear great things about their skincare, and that's what compelled me to make a purchase (adding the two lip products was an afterthought).

Would I purchase again? Sure. If this toner turns out to be awesome for my skin, I would place another purchase (however later on I plan to make my own BHA toner since I've found a few places that sell raw ingredients, so if I'm lazy and don't go with my plans, I'd come back to Silk Naturals). I also want to buy a few of the blushes and maybe try a few of their eyeshadows (like I really need anymore of either of those...). I don't think I would place another purchase any time soon though. I have way too many of everything.

PICTURE BELOW: Negligee on left, Centerfold on right.
Picture above and all the subsequent pictures below (from left to right):
Fyrinnae "Masala," Covergirl Lip Perfection "Rush," Silk Naturals "Negligee," Silk Naturals "Centerfold." Yeah, the pictures are all kinda the same, but I took the time to take the pictures and edit them so I just posted them all. xD
(L to R): Fyrinnae "Masala," Covergirl Lip Perfection "Rush," Silk Naturals "Negligee," Silk Naturals "Centerfold."
(L to R): Fyrinnae "Masala," Covergirl Lip Perfection "Rush," Silk Naturals "Negligee," Silk Naturals "Centerfold."
(L to R): Fyrinnae "Masala," Covergirl Lip Perfection "Rush," Silk Naturals "Negligee," Silk Naturals "Centerfold."
(L to R): Fyrinnae "Masala," Covergirl Lip Perfection "Rush," Silk Naturals "Negligee," Silk Naturals "Centerfold."
(L to R): Fyrinnae "Masala," Covergirl Lip Perfection "Rush," Silk Naturals "Negligee," Silk Naturals "Centerfold."
PICTURE BELOW: Silk Naturals Lip Gloss in "Secret." Pretty much looks exactly like Covergirl "Rush."

Makeup Review: Fyrinnae Cosmetics

This was copied and pasted from my xanga. I wrote this on 1/30/2012.
My second Fyrinnae order...

Eyeshadow Samples:
1. Te Amo
2. Sleepy Hollow
3. Sake & Sashimi
4. Medieval Haunting
5. Arcane Magic: Velvet Vampire
6. Arcane Magic: Steampunk
7. Arcane Magic: Faerie Glamour
8. Arcane Magic: Are You My Mummy?

Full Eyeshadow:
1. Meerkat

1. Full-Sized Finishing Powder: Sunkissed
2. Full-Sized Glow Blush: Captivate
3. Full-Sized Glow Blush: Enrapture

Free Sample Eyeshadow: Sake & Sashimi

1. Te Amo - dark grey with pink duochrome. Pretty good.
2. Sleepy Hollow - teal with aqua duochrome. Fucking amazing.
3. Sake & Sashimi - reddened brown with green and gold shimmer. Fucking amazing.
4. Medieval Haunting - gold, brown, chartreuse metallic triochrome. Fucking amazing.
5. Velvet Vampire - sparkly muted red, hot pink, taupe triochrome. Pretty good.
6. Steampunk - Pink, black, bronze triochrome. Fucking amazing.
7. Faerie Glamour - purple with aqua duochrome. Fucking amazing.
8. Are You My Mummy? - brown and green duochrome. Pretty good.
9. Meerkat - magenta with buttload of gold shimmers. FUCKING AMAZING. (Compared to the previous sample I got, this one is more magenta/pink than the last. The other was more of a purplish pink and finer shimmer; this is more hot pink/magenta with chunkier glitter. I love them both!)
10. Sunkissed - translucent white powder with some micro shimmer. I haven't tried it yet.
11. Captivate - Peach-pink with micro gold shimmer. Soooooo pretty!!!
12. Enrapture - Pure pink with micro shimmer. Haven't tried it yet.

My favorite eyeshadow of this batch (aside from Meerkat, as I've established earlier that it's one of my faves ever) would probably have to be Sake & Sashimi, Medieval Haunting, and Steampunk. Then middle tier is Sleepy Hollow and Faerie Glamour. My least favorite (not because they suck or they're ugly, but because I had high expectations for them from reading rave reviews) are Te Amo, Velvet Vampire, and Are You My Mummy?.