Perfume Review: Darling Clandestine

Copied and pasted directly from my tumblr. This was written approximately in September 2012.

Overall, I'm half satisfied and half not for my order, but I still recommend DC. Read for why.

Total cost: $34.36
Total number of items ordered: 3
Total received: 6

1. Mayfly (full)
2. Circassian (full)
3. Carny Wedding (full)
4. Serpentina (free sample)
5. Tapadero (free sample)
6. Mad as Birds (free sample)

Before I get to the reviews of the scents, I will say first that my usual preference in fragrance is for foody/gourmand, sweet, smoky, spicy, woody, and resinous smells.

Descriptions of each taken from DC's facebook and my thoughts italicized:

MAYFLY: Opens very bright, deceptively sweet and floral, mellows to soft, moody woods.

In bottle, wet on skin, and dry it smells all the same: I can't detect anything sweet in this; just really heady, nauseating incensey flowers with a touch of wood. It gave me a headache, and it reminded me a lot of a Mannaia Fragrance I got some time back that I didn't like. There are only two reasons that would make me dislike a perfume: 1) It gives me a headache, and 2) It smells like something that I would not want to make myself smell like. Unfortunately, Mayfly gets both strikes. To be fair, I hate all florals. A surefire way to give me a headache is to bust a floral smell within my vicinity. Florals smell good, but I can't stand them long enough to enjoy them because the nauseating migraines always come immediately. Call it a psychological aversion caused by repeated trauma (pain). I'm sure someone else will probably think Mayfly is the best thing in the world, but for me, it's just not my type. Makes me a little sad.

CIRCASSIAN: Chocolate and black coffee, with an intriguing floral note.

In bottle, I smell fancy Belgian chocolate cookies (like Delacre's european biscuits). Wet on skin, it smells like chocolate, then when it dries, I get more coffee with something a little sour and sharp. It's not a bad smell though. I never get the floral note. After several hours, it smells like milk chocolate (like Hershey's). Doesn't give me a headache and smells sweet. The only con I could find is that the notes are a bit simple and singular on my skin; it is mainly chocolate and coffee. Durn body chemistry sapped up the other smells. It really is a rich chocolate and coffee smell though, not cheap shitty 99 cent body spray stuff. This is like an ultra-sophisticated European chocolate biscuit collection with a nice cup of espresso. I like it! If I ever run out, I think I will repurchase.

CARNY WEDDING: Opens buttery and sweet, mellows to a deep, resiny wood.

In bottle, I smell buttery creaminess. It really does remind me of butter, and maybe a touch of sugar or caramel but VERY slight. On skin wet, I get the same smell, and once it dries, I get a huge dose of resin. It stays as resin while it fades. Overall, it stays true to the description. I don't know exactly what notes are in this one, but holy shit, it smells fucking good. It's my favorite item of my whole order. Holy fucking shit. I can't even explain how good this smells. I approve, and I will definitely repurchase if I ever run out.

SERPENTINA: Green tea with a smoky opium bite.

In bottle and on skin wet, I get green tea. As it fades, I guess it still smells like tea, but it also just smells fresh. I like it, but it's not really my type. Also if I put too much, it starts to give me a headache. I'm ambivalent about this one, but I think I like it more than not liking it.

TAPADERO: Bold and bright sage and roses, dusky sweet smoke and leather.

My... what can I say about this? Well, in bottle, wet on skin, and immediately after drying, I just get LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER GAHHHHHH LEATHER. Like a fresh and new leather couch. I'm very adverse to the smell of leather in perfumes. It doesn't give me a headache, but it just doesn't smell very pleasant to me. However, the strange thing is that once it's almost faded, it smells very calming and fresh, and I do get the roses and a little smokiness. So it only smells good once the leather is pretty much gone. I dislike this one and will not repurchase. 
EDIT: After several more tries and layering it with Serpentina and Mad as Birds, it actually kind of grew on me. I still wouldn't repurchase, but I've come to appreciate it.

MAD AS BIRDS: Sweet, cool, garden dew with notes of pear and mint and amber and and marigolds.

In bottle, I get mint and some other unidentifiable stuff. Wet on skin, it smells minty and a little sweet. Once it dries, I just get mint... and sadly it reminds me of toothpaste. It smells fresh and it doesn't give me a headache, but I can't stop thinking of toothpaste when I smell it. I think I'll pass on this. 
EDIT: After several more uses and layering it with Serpentina and Tapadero, I've come to like it a lot. It's a very refreshing smell and goes very well with Serpentina and Tapadero. I think I might actually want to buy a full-size now.

Good: Circassian, Carny Wedding
Meh: Serpentina, Mad as Birds
Bad: Mayfly, Tapadero

Good: Circassian, Carny Wedding
Good Meh: Serpentina, Mad as Birds, Tapadero
Bad: Mayfly (EDIT: As I don't have it with me in my current location, I never got to try it several more times the way I did with Serpentina, Mad as Birds, and Tapadero. I even came to like Tapadero over time, so I think there might be hope for Mayfly if only I had it with me at the moment.)
Despite anything negative I might have said, I would still recommend Darling Clandestine as a company to buy from. It just so happens that I have a very picky nose when it comes to perfumes, so although it sounds like I may be bashing stuff for smelling "bad," it could just be that I'm missing out on the beauty of them. Also, perfumes smell differently on everyone and people have different tastes on preferred smells, so please go and try stuff out for yourself.

Darling Clandestine

-FAST turnaround time and shipping. FAAAAAAST
-Wide variety of UNIQUE perfumes
-Very generously sized portions
-Very nicely priced & frequent offers/coupon codes
-Awesome overall theme and packaging

-Not every scent with be agreeable with everyone (but this holds true with the whole perfume industry, eh?)

I already have a wishlist for what to get next:
-Falchion (Edit: I now own it!)
-Vardogr (Edit: I now own it!)
-Aragon (Edit: I now own it!)
-Whitefall (Edit: I now own it!)
-Morderteile Kelah
-Pyrotechnik (Edit: I now own it!)

Check it out:

I hope no one was offended reading this. These are just my thoughts.

Obviously I'm still going to use all of them and maybe over time I will grow fond of the ones I said I disliked.

(EDIT: I did continue using them, and I DID grow fond of the ones I gave a second chance.)
EDITED 11/4/2012

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