Perfume Review: Midnight Gypsy

Copied and pasted directly from my tumblr. Written circa September 2012.

***EDITS MADE ON 2/15/13. Original order placed on 9/7/2012, shipped on 9/12/2012. I don't remember when I received it. All of the content under "My thoughts" were first impressions after smelling straight from the bottle or vial.

Finally received it. What I got:

1. Wicked Jack (full size) - Lavender, pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cream, caramelized sugar, molasses, sweet hay, beeswax absolute, Haitian sandalwood, dark patchouli, blood orange


Edit: After further testing and using this on my skin several times, I found it to be alright. There is a very nice sugary caramel smell to it. On first application, there is a sharp, sour citrus note that I don't like (I'm not very fond of citruses). That eventually fades to a spiced caramel, brown sugar, vanilla-y smell. The drydown is like pumpkin spice. Not bad. I actually found it a bit too sweet, and because I was so bothered by the orange smell, I mixed it a bit of Darling Clandestine's Mayfly into it (which is a perfume that I think is not sweet enough). The result is a pretty nice balance between sugary sweet and light and moody floral.

2. Cakes & Ale (sample size) - Sweet, sugared pumpkin cakes, heavy cream, hot buttered rum, ginger, clove

My thoughts: Holy fuck, this smells goddamn amazing too. Very sweet and mouthwatering.

Edit: Smells VERY tooth-achingly sweet (if you've ever stuck your face in a jar of brown sugar and inhaled and felt the back of your nasal cavity ache a bit--I have--this is what Cakes & Ale does as well) with a bit of ginger. It's nice, but a little too sweet. I think I might've poured this into Wicked Jack or into Darling Clandestine's Mayfly. I can't remember.

3. Fomhar (sample size) - chocolate, caramel, myrrh, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli

My thoughts: Sweet, chocolatey goodness with a bit of something deep. Mmmmm.

Edit: On skin, it smells like tootsie rolls from application until dry down. I wanted a richer deeper chocolate, but oh well. This is a bit of a disappointment. I think I poured this into the Wicked Jack bottle.

4. A Murder of Crows (sample size) - smoky sandalwood, cocao absolute, honey, myrrh, sweet coconut milk, peppery carnations, patchouli

My thoughts: Also sweet chocolatey goodness, but something smoky and earthy underneath so it's less sweet than Fomhar.

Edit: After further testing on skin, I decided that I dislike this one. On first application, it has a quick burst of very bitter chocolate. Once the oil soaks in and my skin is dry, there is this really sour, sharp wood smell that is off-putting. That smell persists until several hours later. Once the smell is mostly faded, I detest the smell of tootsie rolls. I forgot what I did with my vial (I mixed it with something, but I can't remember what).

5. Hearth (free sample size) - chestnuts roasted over the fire, caramelized sugar & butter, rum, sweet vanilla cream


Edit: This is the same as Cakes & Ale minus the ginger and plus a smoother feeling (so it doesn't stab the nasal cavity as much), possibly from the vanilla and the lack of spices. It's a very warm and comforting scent. It's a bit too sweet and foody for me though, so I probably won't buy a large bottle, but I will cherish and use the vial that I have.

6. Hesperides (free sample size) - honeysuckle, sweet pea, apple, amber, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, champa, animalic musk

My thoughts: Smells like Dimetapp (synthetic grape-flavored cough syrup). I'll have to try it on my skin to figure out if I like it or not. For now, sniffing from the vial just gives me synthetic, sharp, and cloying fruitiness. Even after testing on skin, it still gives me that same impression. I think I mixed this in with some other bottle which I can't remember.

Satisfied with 5/6 items for now. Not bad.
In order from favorite to least favorite:
1. Hearth
2. Cakes & Ale tied with Wicked Jack
3. Fomhar
4. A Murder of Crows
5. Hesperides 

Edit: In the end, I only really like Hearth. Wicked Jack needed some tweaking, and the rest ranged from okay to repulsive.

Check out Midnight Gypsy here: www.etsy.com/shop/MidnightGypsy

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