Makeup Review: Shiro Cosmetics "TARDIS"

Copied and pasted directly from my tumblr. This was the color of the month for November 2012 if I am remembering correctly...

Yeah. This happened.

Shiro Cosmetics made a color-of-the-month called "TARDIS."

I had to buy it, even though my previous (and also my very first) order with Shiro Cosmetics wasn't very satisfactory. Most of the shadows were kinda patchy and not as pigmented as I thought they would be. They're hard to blend, have a lot of fall-out even with a primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (FPE) and careful patting and not sweeping. The colors that are just single shimmery colors are pigmented and work wonderfully, but the colors with all the special sparkles and glitter are the ones that I can't work with no matter what I do (and they're usually the ones that I want instead of the simpler colors because they're complex and pretty). I don't have any issues with Fyrinnae's or Darling Girl Cosmetics's eyeshadows, and the majority of shadows I buy from those two companies are the sparklebombs. I dunno, I guess I just have bad luck with SC even though there are tons of people who love it. I want to love it too. ;;___;;

Moving on.

TAT is up to 2 weeks, but once the package was shipped there is a tracking number. Super speedy 3-day shipping. Woot!


Nice hand-written note and nicely-wrapped items.


Card, TARDIS eyeshadow, one sample I purchased, one free sample, and candy!


The top and bottom of the TARDIS jar.


I wish you could see the photo underneath in HD. I took it with a huge resolution using macro. It's great. Hahaha.



Sloppily applied and half-ass eyeliner (also try to ignore the pimples and wtf is going on with my brows), but this is with primer (but no FPE because I don't have it with me at the moment) and layered about 5-6 times each eye. See how it's uneven and patchy? All of the sparkles fell onto my cheeks and the blue isn't as intense as I want it to be (like how it looks in the jar). Another disappointment... Maybe when I get home and grab my FPE it will make it better...

It's still a pretty blue though.

As cool and awesome as the whole store is, I think I'll just stop buying eyeshadows from them from now on, since I keep getting underwhelmed. Shiro Cosmetics is a great brand, has an awesome owner and an awesome geeky premise going on, but I just can't seem to work with their eyeshadows no matter what I do/use. I think I'll try buying the lip products instead next time, and maybe if I ever feel like it, grab one or two of the more simpler (non-sparkly/glitter-loaded) colors.

The picture below was taken from the company's official facebook page. HOW DOES THE OWNER MAKE IT LOOK THAT INTENSE?! AND ALL THE SPARKLES ACTUALLY STICK?!?! T_T


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  1. Hey...I've been thinking about purchasing eyeshadows from shiro. I've read that applying them wet gives you a better and more intense payoff. :)


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