Perfume Review: Alkemia Perfumes

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Paid - 2/21/2013 (at ~2AM)Shipped - 2/21/2013 (got a notification at 5AM!)Received - 2/23/2013

imageAnother company I've been eyeing. LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING/ORDER PROCESSING. I'm so glad I got this package, since I had just posted about how disappointed I was with Deep Midnight Perfumes a few hours ago prior to getting this package.


For $20 with free shipping, I got 10 samples and 2 freebies:
  1. Vanille Amour - Madagascar and Tahitian vanillas and Tonka nestled in with a warm melange of ancient Ottoman trade spices (cardamon, ginger, and Grains of Paradise) reknowned for 'heating up' affairs of the heart and inspiring desire.
    My thoughts: A tiny bit of vanilla and a lot of pepper, ginger, and other spices. As it settles down, it gets a little sweeter. I like it.
  2. Seduction Vanille - Mexican vanilla pods, luscious Tahitian vanilla orchids, jasmine flowers, and crystalline sugar cane, enhanced by a blend of delicate white and vanilla musks.
    My thoughts: Sugary sweetness and creamy jasmine. This is the more floral out of the bunch, and though I usually don't like florals, this is bearable. Once it starts fading, the creamy sweetness completely melds together and it smells AMAZING. Wowza.
  3. Seduction Gingembre - Candied ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, toasted gingerbread, wild honey, caramelized bourbon vanilla, Tunisian amber, and a kiss of incense resins. A limited winter edition.
    My thoughts: Sweet, extra gingery gingerbread. Similar to Arcana "Philtre #4: Consumed" and TMTM "Fortune" which means OF COURSE I LIKE IT! But as I have others that already smell similar to this, I obviously won't repurchase this any time soon.
  4. Xocolatl - Bittersweet Mexican cacao, Southwest Chipotle chili, Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian nutmeg, Madagascar vanilla, Turkish marzipan, and a splash of cardamon-laced Morrocan coffee.
    My thoughts: This is a really interesting blend. I get a blast of chili. I'm not really sure how to describe chili, but if you know the feeling of how it burns in your mouth, well, the smell somehow mimics that. It's just this whole encompassing tingly burn without the pain. I then get all the spices sweetened a bit with coffee lurking in the back.
  5. Patchouli Cacao - Bittersweet Maralumi cacao, aged Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, and a blonde Indonesian patchouli single note that encompasses musk, earth, ambergris, wood, and tabac.
    My thoughts: I tried this after the Vanille Patchouli listed below. After trying the Vanille Patchouli, I was a bit wary about the smell of patchouli and thought that I wouldn't quite like this one either. I WAS SO WRONG. I don't know what it is about sweet creamy milky chocolate smell mixed with dusty, earthy patchouli, but it is YUMMY. It would smell even better with a bit of sugar or caramel. However, the dustiness does get amped up after a bit, so it's not so yummy anymore after a while... for that reason, I don't think I would repurchase a larger size.
  6. Au Lait - Rich, creamy milk swirled with tonka, wild honey, and a touch of caramelized brown sugar.
    My thoughts: It smells like crispy toast slathered in butter and sprinkled with heaps of sugar. This is just OMNOMNOMNOM all day. It made me hungry in class. It smells SOOOOO good. It smells exactly like this Vietnamese bakery's biscottes that I buy a lot (Anh Son Bakery Biscottes, if you're curious), which is basically really crispy toast smothered in butter and lots of sugar. Creamy and awesomely sweet. That is Au Lait. Sometimes it does get a little too sweet and I start feeling a bit dirty/sticky, but I still want a full size of this. I found that layering this with some smokey woody scents to tone down the sweetness makes it smell even better.
  7. Madam Pearl - Fine white tea leaves, delicate bone china, a parchment letter from a mysterious stranger, a menage a trois of elegant vanillas, and a piquant pinch of aphrodisiac white pepper.
    My thoughts: I smell sweet cinnamon tea. There isn't any cinnamon listed, but I guess the sweet cinnamon effect was produced by the combination of vanilla and pepper. Nice and fresh, but somehow doesn't pique my interest because it smells too sweet. Whenever I smell sweet cinnamon, I get the image of mashed up, melted Hot Tamales candy, and then it makes me feel like I'm sticky from all the sweetness... (I also had this issue with Steam Bath Factory's "Inferno," which is SUPER SWEET cinnamon with a tiny touch of tea.) So basically, I like smelling it, but I have mental images that prevent me from wanting to wear it. o_O
  8. Blackberry Noir - Black berries, black tea, black musk.
    My thoughts: I get very strong black berries and a drydown of blackberry-tinged sweet, powdery musk. This smells exactly like The Morbid the Merrier's "Cleo" minus the woodiness and before it developed a soapy quality. I like it. I might buy it if I ever want to replace Cleo, but it seems like I don't urgently want to get Cleo anymore, so in turn I don't urgently want to purchase Blackberry Noir either. 
  9. Offering -  Fir & resinous woods, offertory fruits, spiced ale, beeswax candles, a whisper of ritual incense, and freshly baked cakes dripping with wild honey.
    My thoughts: Very spiced sweet bread (think sweet, pumpkin spice bread) with the camphorous & spicy quality of fir on top of it. To be honest, I'm never a fan of fir/pine smells in perfume (I don't mind smelling it naturally outside), and I generally try to stay away from pumpkin spice smells for some reason. However, this perfume isn't that bad, and I will finish up the vial, but I won't repurchase.
  10. Miel de Sauvage et Tabac - Sweet, spicy pipe tobacco flecked with wild honey, freshly crushed honeycomb, the pollen of forest blossoms, and smoked black amber.
    My thoughts: Huge 5-second burst of sweet, very true honey on initial contact, and then a very odd burnt rubber smell that lingered for 25 minutes. Afterwards, smokey honey with a tiny hint of rubber that can only be detected if inhaled deeply. Because of that rubber smell, I think I have to say no to this. =/ The honey smell is really good though.
  11. Calaveras de Azucar / Sugar Skulls (free) - Hauntingly sweet sugar skulls nestled against a backdrop of sugared white ambers.
    My thoughts: This smells sugary and sweet, but somehow gives off a slightly flowery and slightly fruity quality. It doesn't smell like pure sugar. It smells like super amazing smells-so-lovely-what-is-this-sweetness. My friend complimented me when I wore this. ;D
  12. Vanille Patchouli (free) - Purest vanilla seduced and despoiled by wild, dirty patchouli.
    My thoughts: I thought I knew what patchouli smelled like, but I guess not. The patchouli in this is earthy, dry, dusty, and kinda like crayons and Chinese herbs. It stays that way for a while, and eventually the vanilla emerges and sweetens it a bit. It's a little too earthy/dusty for my tastes. If there were more vanilla, it would be nice. I think I'll layer it with sweeter perfumes.
Need to repurchase NOW:
  • Seduction Vanille
  • Calaveras de Azucar (Sugar Skulls)
  • Au Lait
I like it & I'll use it, but I won't repurchase (unless I change my mind later):
  • Seduction Gingembre
  • Xocolatl
  • Madame Pearl
  • Offering
  • Vanille Patchouli
  • Patchouli Cacao (actually I'm not sure about whether it belongs in this category or the upper one)
  • Blackberry Noir (undecided)
  • Miel de Sauvage et Tabac
I am VERY VERY satisfied with this order. I will definitely purchase from them again.


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