Perfume Review: Darling Clandestine

NOTE: Imported from my tumblr page. Written in a year ago, February 2013. A bunch of purchases and stuff have happened since then so this post might be a little outdated.

Bought - 2/7/13
Shipped - 2/14/13
Received - 2/25/13

Probably one of the slower orders I've had from Darling Clandestine (it's more USPS's fault), but it's worth it!


What I got ($15.50 total):
  • Dewlap Valentine (full size, 5ml) - Strawberries, bananas, dark leafy greens. Dewlap Valentine is a wonderfully complicated blend, fruity, salty, musky, earthy, at once dark and sweet and green, morphing over and over on the skin.
    My thoughts: A bit fruity, a bit salty, and very green but somehow creamy. I can't put my finger on what it smells like. It just smells FACKING good! I like it!
  • Brasao y Kinalau (sample) - Holly spiced with a touch of cinnamon and clove and pink peppercorn and all sorts of other old-world wonders, fused with the maile vines of Hawai'i, sweetened with coconut and honey. It's fresh and green and tart and languid and floral-but-not-floral and breezy and deep.
    My thoughts: Somehow, this is like taking the sweet flowers from Blue Valentine (below; I tried Brasao y Kinalau last) and amping up the the green, leafy-ness. It's really nice. Gah. I can't stop smelling myself.
  • Blue Valentine (sample)A moody bouquet of hyacinth and violet and poppies and figs, washed down with shots of real whiskey and bitters and delicate musks and mint.
    My thoughts: You know how I hate flowers? WELL MOTHER FUCK I FUCKING LOVE BLUE VALENTINE. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. It smells flowery but sweet, fresh, a tiny bit bitter somewhere in the back, and somehow like pine as well. It also reminds me of walking in a park on a fall day. I dunno. I love it. This is how flowers SHOULD be done in perfumes. Ugh. I want this in a bigger size...
  • La La La, All Right (sample) - Sun-drenched summer breezes and road trips and rivers and cornfields and river and road. This is a very green, very earthy scent, with a similar accord to that of Fisticuffs, minus the sweetness.
    My thoughts: This is very green, plant-like, and "crunchy," almost as if I'm chewing leaves and their aromas are bursting in my mouth right at this moment. I get a lot of pine trees out of this, and sweet in a way that plants sometimes smell sweet (not true sugary sweetness, but just when plants don't smell sour nor sharp...). It reminds me of a less piney version of Darling Clandestine's "Maudlin & Bedlam." I also get a bit of earthiness in here, so it's not all plants. It smells good, but I probably won't buy a replacement after this sample is done. I think this would also smell good on a guy.
  • Small Saga (free sample) - Figs and apricot wine and sweet cream unfolding into a mellow, soft wood. Deceptively creamy at first whiff, but then comes the DarlingClandestine complexity you've come to know and love.
    My thoughts: It smells tart but not sharp and stinging. Bright and bold but also soft and creamy. I find myself sniffing my wrist a lot. This is brilliant!
I've been eyeing Dewlap Valentine for a while. Brasao y Kinalau, Blue Valentine, Lalala All Right, and Small Saga are all new scents. I placed this order when Brasao y Kinalau, Blue Valentine, and Lalala All Right were JUST released, and Small Saga's existence wasn't even well-known yet. Small Saga is currently soon to be released officially; the owner had already done a pre-order sale.

So what do I think about this order? 100% satisfied. Everything smells fucking good. Darling Clandestine never lets me down!

At the moment, DC's etsy page is empty as hell because all of her stock was sold out during the end of 2012. I'm waiting for the owner to rebrew new batches of some scents so I can just sweep them all at once. xD

(I haven't smelled the first 4 in this list.)

  1. Gram-Negative - Buttery orchid packed deep into rich soil and moss and black tea and green lichens.
  2. Tilt-A-Whirl - Bright citrus and passionfruit mellowed with sage and other wonders. Sweet and bright but not too candy-like. 
  3. Morderteile Kelah - Amber, hyacinth, milk and strawberry jam. Spicy and sweet.
  4. Limerence - A moody blend of bruised Casablanca lilies, bittersweet succulents, full-bodied herbal essentials, a heady crust of sea salt, and a wonderfully fine mitti attar that’s the essence of first rain hitting sun-baked earth.
  5. Pyrotechnik (I NEED A FULL!) - Bright, spicy cantaloupe on a bold black sky of sandalwood and earth.
  6. Small Saga (I NEED A FULL!)
  7. Blue Valentine (I NEED A FULL!)

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