Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfume

NOTE: Post imported from my Tumblr page. I contacted the owner after this experience and she actually gave me a new set of samples. Afterwards, I tried all of the perfumes again and found some that I liked.

SOMEONE PLEASE BAN ME FROM ETSYYYYYYYYY. I need to stop buying on impulse. Also, be forewarned that this is a NEGATIVE REVIEW. It probably would've taken me 14 days to get this review up, but because I was so thrown off by so many smells, I washed off the majority of them. This ended up making me trying 2 smells yesterday and all of the remaining 12 today.

Bought - 2/16/2013
Shipped - 2/19/2013
Received - 2/22/2013

I've been eyeing this store for a while. I thought it was very nice that the owner messaged me to tell me exactly when she was going to send out my package. I got FOUR free samples, and overall time from point of buying to the moment I received was really fast.


I should just be a hand model already. ;D


Cute handwritten note.


This little palmful of smelly juices cost me $30.

What I got (sample set of 10 for $30 + $3 shipping - 10% coupon = $30):
  1. A STUDY IN BROWN: His dark brown leather cloak covered him from nape to knee. A scented story of aromatic copal, nutty tonka bean, oak wood smoke, and toasted sugar.
    My thoughts: COPAL. WOOOOO COPAL. I only know how copal smells from another perfume I've tried before that was mainly copal, and this first initial blast is exactly like the other one. I like copal, but just not alone and with nothing else.
  2. BLOOD AND DONUTS: Dark Egyptian amber and gaharu wood, well blended and served with creamy vanilla, cinnamon spices, rich chocolate, and a splash of Turkish coffee.
    My thoughts: Plastic, rubber, fresh citrus cleaning solution (?!?!?!), and a touch of cinnamon. Washed it off.
  3. BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE: Roasted pralines smothered in brown sugar, deep and dark Victorian rosewood, drops of benzoin, and a touch of sinister smoke from a bottomless pit.
    My thoughts: Dry, woody, smoky smell. No sweetness. I'm kinda meh about it.
  4. CARNIVALE ROUGE: Notes of amaretto liqueur are deepened with balanced tones of the darkest cocoa, cappuccino, rich cream, and buttery amber, while background notes of oakwood fire, and citrus deepen the intrigue.
    My thoughts: A quick 5-second burst of cocoa, a little bit of sharp wood for 2 seconds, then RUBBING ALCOHOL. They aren't joking about the liqueur. The rubbing alcohol smell persisted for 10 minutes and was bothering me, so I just washed it off. 
  5. DARK MOTHER: Musk and sweet vanilla, with dashes and splashes of pipe tobacco and bay rum.
    My thoughts: I only smell the tobacco, which is slightly sweet, slightly tart, and has a metallic quality to it. It smells like Scent by the Sea's "Barbary Belle," which is tobacco and cocoa (but the cocoa doesn't show up). After a while though, it sweetens out and the metallic smell goes away. Not bad.
  6. FRENCH CHOCOLATE MACAROON: Enjoy the scrumptious smells of creamy chocolate, toasted coconut, and tantalizing vanilla.
    My thoughts: Burst of bitter cocoa, plasticky fake coconut, and then play doh. I washed it off.
  7. MAD AS A HATTER: A mad concoction of bitter dark chocolate, oakmoss, nag champa and a touch of tobacco.
    My thoughts: Burst of chocolate, then persisting incensey woody sharpness. Very masculine and a bit nauseating. I want to wash it off, but I'm already in bed so I'll deal with it.
  8. MAYAN MYSTERY: Spiced Mexican chocolate, blood oranges, and the secret ingredient of the ancients.
    My thoughts: Think peppery, spicy, musty, slightly sour body odor and fermented curry. This reminds me of how Indian people sometimes smell... in short, NO.
  9. TEA WITH A DRAGON: Green tea, black pepper, cardamom, and a mysterious little dollop of cocoa make this a tantalizing unisex scent.
    My thoughts: Fresh & spicy, like herbs. I don't hate it but I don't like it either. I washed it off to try on something else.
  10. SATURNALIA: An earthy mix of Arabian sandalwood, Sudanese frankincense, and patchouli blended with the aromas of roasted chestnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, and finished with cranberries and sweet cake.
    My thoughts: I smell incense, sharp woodiness, and cranberries. This is a pretty tart fragrance. After settling down for a bit, it smells mainly of cranberries and a touch of smoke, but everything is softer than the initial application. After another 15 or 20 minutes, the cranberry is gone and I'm left with a soft, powdery baby smell. I was hoping for the nuts and sweet cake to show up, but they never did.
  11. EUPHROSYNE (free): Tropical fruits, fresh pears, red berries, cream, figs, Sicilian orange, pummelo, caramel, lily of the valley, and a barely hidden note of red licorice.
    My thoughts: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. Holy shit cough syrup and pepto bismol or something? Synthetic fruits and sharpness. I don't even want to wait it out to see if it changes. I'm washing it off...
  12. WILDE AT HEART (free): Spicy myrrh smothered in a rich cappuccino, candied pecans, blood orange, and vanilla bean.
    My thoughts: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. It smells exactly like Steam Bath Factory's "Bloodbath," which is pumpkins, dust (whatever the fuck that means), and coffee. It's okay.
  13. WASSAIL (free): The aromas of red wine, apple wine, ale, sweet oranges, fruit and cloves, along with delicate touches of frankincense and myrrh.My thoughts: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. Since I was so disappointed with so many at this point, I stood next to the sink to try the last 4. Synthetically-flavored grape cough syrup and sour wood. Washed it off.
  14. LADIES OF LONDON (free): Sensual florals highlighted with lily of the Valley, spicy indulgent opium, a bowlful of the deepest sensual red berries, and caresses of frankincense and patchouli.My thoughts: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. Since I was so disappointed with so many at this point, I stood next to the sink to try the last 4. Burst of cheap wine, then heavy florals. Washed it off.
Thing to note. These sample vials, though small and looking like a rip-off (how I usually feel whenever I buy samples from ANY company since this is the standard sample size), they are FILLED TO THE MAXIMUM CAPACITY. I have to be extra careful when I close the vials and reinsert the caps because I risk having some of the juice overflowing and spilling over the sides (how does that even work?). I really really appreciate this. It will take me a while to finish these vials from Deep Midnight, so that's a plus.


As you can see from above, I'm not satisfied with any of the smells. So there is pretty much a 0% chance that I reach for them at all, much less finish them.
Washers (smells that I felt compelled to wash off immediately):
  • Blood & Donuts
  • Carnivale Rouge
  • French Chocolate Macaroon
  • Mad as a Hatter
  • Mayan Mystery
  • Tea With A Dragon
  • Euphrosyne
  • Wassail
  • Ladies of London
Meh (smells that I didn't like but didn't dislike either)
  • A Study in Brown
  • Dark Mother
  • Saturnalia
  • Wilde at Heart
  • Brimstone & Treacle
To put it in other words, I like 0 out of the 14 smells that I received. As great as the communication and shipping is, sorry, but that's an F. i won't buy from here again. I want my $30 back...
To be fair, this isn't as bad as my all-time worst try ever, Mannaia Fragrances, but nothing really worked for me from this set of samples.

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