Perfume Review: Firebird Bath & Body

NOTE: Imported from my tumblr. Might be a bit outdated. After using up two of the lipbalms from this company, I decided that I actually really, really dig the formula.

Bought - 2/23/2013
Shipped - 2/26/2013
Received - 3/1/2013

I've heard good things about their Almond Milk perfume, so I went and bought it. While I was at it, I added another perfume and a lip balm set as well because I just want to waste money. One meh point about this company is that I didn't get any freebies, but I guess it's reasonable since not all companies have to do that... but I've just been spoiled by other stores that give me free shit. Hahaha.

Overall, I think I've already gotten everything that I wanted from this store, so I won't come back. Their smells look simple (not a bad thing, but sometimes not what I'm looking for). They also make soap, but I'm not a soap fiend, so I don't need that. The lip balms are great, but I'll have to see if i want them again after I finish all of them.

Overall, they give a less homely vibe and a more distant feel. Look at how professional their labels are. I like buying from etsy and indie shops because you get to socialize with the owner and they usually write cute thank you notes with your name on them and give you freebies, but I think because Firebird is so successful at this point, they don't feel the need to do that.

What I got ($31.00 total):
  • Lip Balm Trio Gift Set, Sweet - This set includes three sweet flavored lip balms: Honey, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chai
    My thoughts: I've only tried the Chocolate Chai, but it's soft, creamy, and moisturizing. It glides easily and smells good. Awesome.
  • Perfume Oil: Almond Milk - Soft, sensual, intoxicating: almond, vanilla, musk, a wisp of white chocolate.
    My thoughts: Smells like a sweeter and more synthetic version of Midnight Gypsy's "Dragon's Milk." Mildly sweet, creamy, and just really nice. It's good.
  • Perfume Oil: Brown Sugar - The scent of brown sugar, mellow and sweet, joined by coconut, vanilla and sandalwood. Soft, gentle and comforting.
    My thoughts: Soft, gentle, and comforting is a good description. Toasted sugar smell. It's less sweet than Almond Milk.
Still a good company with good prices! If i ever run out of Midnight Gypsy's "Dragon's Milk" AND the bottle of Almond Milk, I'll come back for a replacement. (Almond Milk is $9 while Dragon's Milk is $14 for a smaller amount.)


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