Perfume Review: Sarawen Perfume Art (Part 2)

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I'm already back! Two days after receiving the previous package, I placed a second order.

Bought - 2/27/2013
Shipped - 3/3/2013
Received - 3/13/2013


Pretty packaging!


Everything beautifully wrapped in tissue paper.


Look at all dem cuties lined up and shit. Death's Day Feast looks like it contains murky swamp water, but I think it looks cool. xD


Size comparison with a very strange angle for my hand.


What I got (for $37.16; all foodie/gourmand scents this time!):
  1. AMBROSIA - Sweet chocolate drizzled with honey and topped with a hint of vanilla cream! A scrumptious blend of tasty treats over a base of amber with a touch of patchouli.
    My thoughts: A very rich, achingly sweet brownie or chocolate fudge cake with a deeper tone lurking in the back. I like it!
  2. THE BAKER'S BOY - Spend a day frosting and decorating cakes with Peeta. A luscious, gourmand fragrance bursting with ripe strawberries (from Katniss of course!) and delicious yellow cake. Underneath the delicious-ness drifts soft vetiver, leather, and golden amber. This perfume is a unisex blend that borders towards feminine.
    My thoughts: Just bitter, smoky leather. I was looking forward to the strawberries and cake, so I'm a little bummed. Strangely, my roommates thought I smelled awesome, so I don't know. o_O
  3. BEER N' BUTTER - A delicious and foamy elixir! Creamy butterscotch, dreamy vanilla, and a dash of pumpkin layered with a drop of coffee as you sit relaxing by the pub's roaring fire. Beer n' Butter is inspired by Harry Potter and is a unisex gourmand fragrance that borders towards feminine. Yum!
    My thoughts: Smells exactly like The Witches Dance on me (another perfume from Sarawen), which turns out to be dry, bitter woodsmoke and leather. If I REALLY pack it on (like 5 layers?!) then I get a tiny, tiny 5 to 10-second burst of butterscotch when it's still wet. Then it's all woodsmoke and leather. This was disappointing. I read reviews for it and people were saying stuff like how achingly sweet and creamy it is or how yummy it smells. Skin chemistry being a bitch, much?!
  4. DEATH'S DAY FEAST - The scent of comforting warm pumpkin, delectable caramel apples, chocolates, and spicy incense fills the Great Hall. Just watch out for Nearly Headless Nick! Death's Day Feast is inspired by the world of Harry Potter and is a unisex gourmand fragrance that borders towards feminine.
    My thoughts: Deep, warm, spiced apples. I'm usually not fond of apple smells because they remind me of candles or something, but this is nice. I don't get the pumpkin nor chocolate. Drydown is mainly smoky with a touch of sweetness. Reviews from other people say how it has chocolate and pumpkins and how it smells so deliciously gourmand... I only get apples?!
  5. PIXIE DUST (freebie) - What would pixie dust smell like? I would say oodles of vanilla butter-cream and cake, honey, and orange drops! Now think of happy things and away we go!
    My thoughts: Orange drops (sweeter version of lemon drops?) and a touch of something floral for some reason. I quite like it! Usually, I'm not fond of citruses, but this is nice. I think this is the only one whose smell doesn't deviate too far from what I expected.
My last order was kinda disappointing too. Tea With Watson, which most people say is sweet and delicious, smelled like light sugar and A LOT of booze (which makes me feel a sick; I'm sensitive to the smell of alcohol). That effect reminds me of sweetened cough syrup to an extent. The Witches Dance turned ALL smoke and leather on me when I thought it would have some pumpkin or something in there...

I emailed the owner, Sara, about my woes with the sweet perfumes all turning into smoke on me, and she said, "You may want to stay away from scents that carry base notes of patchouli, amber, leather, or smokey dark woods!" She also suggested that maybe her gourmand/sweet scents aren't suited for me.


Sweet with heavy/deep is basically the only thing I like to wear. =/ I asked her for some recommendations given what I like and dislike from her line of smells so far, and she gave me some fruity-florals. I'm open to the idea... Gotta expand my tastes sometimes, right?

I don't want to give up on Sarawen perfumes just yet because I think the overall aesthetic aspect of it is superb and that the themes are very intriguing and the prices reasonable. However, I think if things don't work out again after my next order (not sure when that will be yet, but she recently released a line of Doctor Who inspired smells so it's bound to happen), I might have to stop ordering from Sarawen because her perfumes just might not be compatible with my skin chemistry. Makes me a little bummed.


On a lighter note, look at the whole Sarawen family that I've acquired! Hahaha. I didn't put the sample vials in the picture because I forgot (I have two sample vials in "Lady Roma" and "Logical Delusion."

Let's hope for a more successful load next time! Fingers crossed.

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