Makeup Review: Darling Girl Cosmetics Primer & Glitter Glue

I've bought from Darling Girl Cosmetics once before. I got a full sized jar in Persuasion and Sushi Flower, and that was it. It was years ago. I never used those shadows (I was on a purple kick at the time and bought every pretty purpley color I came across).

More recently, I bought ten mini jars from Femme Fatale. I can tell the colors are beautiful duochromes, but I can't get them to come up with their lovely sheens because I didn't have a primer. I do own Fyrinnae's infamous Pixie Epoxy, but due to my inability to learn how to use it properly (I always used too much or I let it dry too long, etc.) and the fact that it makes blending a lot more difficult, I never use it. It has taken residence somewhere in my numerous makeup boxes. Anyway, I came across DGC's primer from somewhere. I was doing a lot of googling on indie primers and settled on buying DGC's.


Indie Perfume Sale!


My dad was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer Update 4/23/2014: Sadly, my father passed away, and because of that I've been trying to raise some funds and also to clear out my stash. Everything needs to go!

Here are a bunch of perfume bottles that definitely deserve more love. Descriptions and prices of each bottle are below the pictures! Descriptions are taken from the shops' official listings and descriptions (either through etsy or facebook).


Perfume Review: The Mindful Mushroom

Bought - 3/29/2013 (midnight-ish)
Shipped - 3/29/2013 (morning)
Received - 4/1/2013

The Mindful Mushroom is a company I've been wanting to try for a while. Has a very large selection of perfumes (there are also eyeshadows and jewelry, I think). The shipping is fast, customer service/response is great, and packaging is unique.

A little bit bummed that there weren't any free samples, but those should never be expected anyway. Still not used to it since the majority of other places I've bought from have given freebies. Haha.

Photos and reviews after the cut!

Perfume Review: Saturnalia by Deep Midnight Perfumes

Bought - 3/25/2013
Shipped - 3/27/2013
Received - 3/29/2013


I bought a full-sized bottle of Saturnalia and also got 2 freebies in Black Arrow and Aloysius.
This scent evokes the feeling of ancient ritual and festivity with an earthy mix of Arabian sandalwood, Sudanese frankincense, and patchouli blended with the aromas of roasted chestnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, and finished with cranberries and sweet cake.
I'm so, so glad that I chose to give all of Deep Midnight's smells a second chance through that revisited series. Before, Saturnalia was just whatever, but after trying it a second time when I'm not raging with retarded hormones, I found it fricken delicious and I needed a full-size bottle IMMEDIATELY.

I also have to add that after a few more uses, I think the best way to describe it is that it is like cranberry tea with sweet cream and light powdery incense with an overall creamy feel. IT'S AMAZING.

Deep resins, blackened honey, and smoldering dragonfire envelop you in a daring, dark, and adventurous scent.

THOUGHTS: Very deep, pungent resin. It's sharp, heavy and strong. No honey. A bit smokey. Very interesting and very masculine, and it smells pretty decent but I can't smell it for prolonged periods of time before I get a little sick of it.

Decadent old wood, rum, rich dark leather, and soft touches of sugar, citrus and mint.

THOUGHTS: I used to layer equal parts of Darling Clandestine's Tapadero, Serpentina, and Mad As Birds. I didn't like them enough separately, but when put together, they were amazing. Aloysius smells exactly like that. I get the freshness from the citrus and mint, the light sweetness from the sugar. It actually smells like very very light tea, a touch of mint, and sugar (that's what Tapadero + Serpentina + Mad as Birds smelled like to me as well; Tapadero is wood, roses, & leather; Serpentina is opium & tea; Mad As Birds is mint, pear, and some flowers). I am obsessed with this. I might have to get a bottle after I finish my sample.

Perfume Review: The Halfling's Party by Deep Midnight Perfumes

Bought - 3/17/2013
Shipped - 3/19/2013
Received - 3/21/2013
Freshly buttered bread, harvest apples baked into a caramel tart, rum, red wine, and a light citrus with background notes of old polished wood, sweet tobacco leaf, and a dusting of oak wood roaring in a welcoming hearth.

Despite that whole ordeal with my not being that much wowed with the majority of the Deep Midnight samples I got (in my original order and in the second batch that the owner sent to me for free; ***Note: I wrote a series of posts that involves revisiting the Deep Midnight scents that I have), I came back to order again. Why? Because even though many of the scents just weren't for me, the one that DID appeal to me was fucking out-of-this-world-amazing. That one is The Halfling's Party.

If I could roll around it in and bathe in it for 8 hours a day, I would. If I had the money to buy all of her current stock of The Halfling's Party, I would.


My thoughts on The Halfling's Party:
Previously, I wrote "Buttered bread and tart apples with some tobacco leaf." However, after using it continuously for a week, it's a little bit different from my initial thoughts.

On application, I get a small burst of mostly bread with a tiny bit of butter layered on top of an enormous heap of fragrant tobacco. The tobacco is kinda earthy, leafy, and sweet all at once. I used to stick my nose into my dad's cigarette packs because I liked the smell of tobacco leaf, and this reminds me of that except much richer and deeper, like tobacco that isn't completely dried and rolled up yet. Maybe pipe tobacco or chewing tobacco? (I don't know because I've never smelled those.) There's also something a little sharp and bright in there, but I'm not sure what it is (the wine? the citrus? the wood?).

Anyway, this tobacco and bread smell is very strong even after it sinks into my skin, and then it mellows out a bit to be the same smell but a little softer and more comforting. On the dry down, it smells like bread and caramel. It's not a super rich, in your face TASTE-ME-I'M-DELICIOUS-NOM-NOM sweet caramel. It's just a subtle one that just smells fucking good. I only noticed the drydown yesterday when I was laying on my side with my head propped up by my hand, and I smelled something so good, comforting, and yummy. Sure enough, it was coming from my wrist.


I'm not sure how the hell I got apples and only SOME tobacco last time because after using it for a while, I find that it's mainly tobacco and no apple at all. However, when I tried it for the first time, I was also on my period, and I noticed that not only do my tastes change when I'm menstruating, but the way things smell on my skin also changes. Now that I'm hormonally stable and not shedding uterine lining, I'm getting a different effect from The Halfling's Party. Either way, I love it.

Needless to say, The Halfling's Party has joined my list of favorite perfumes. I sometimes get the feeling that people probably think I'm some hardcore tobacco user when I wear this, but I like it too much to care.
If you like the idea of a cozy, comforting tobacco smell, then this will be awesome for you.


I also got a free sample of Naenia.

A sexy, sultry blend of: Ripe apricots, carnations, sweet magnolia blossoms, dark honey, white peaches, with bits of tart cranberries, wood, and black pepper rounding out the main notes of the scent. Definitely sexy and exotic and a teensy bit dark. Opens with notes of the fruits and honey and then dries down to a deeper, sweet floral with wood notes. Come fly away with her!

My thoughts: I get nice, sweet peaches with a touch of floral. I don't get any darkness from this. It's sweet, light, bright, and fruity. I LIKE IT. I'm quite fond of the smell of peaches. Haha. It smells similar to Thalia (also from DM) but without the beeswax touch. This makes me think that I smell like Misao from Black Bird (short summary is that the manga has a girl who is the reincarnation of the immortality peach in Chinese mythology, so she always smells like peaches and she attracts hot-ass demon boys). A win in my book. ;D


Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfumes (REVISITED) -- Part 2

Alright. See the previous post for part 1.

Very picture heavy after the cut.

Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfumes (REVISITED) -- Part I

WARNING -- This post is ridiculously long.

Here's the TL;DR summary: I noticed that perfumes smell differently on me when I'm on my period, and I tried all of the Deep Midnight perfumes when I was on my period. I'm going to retry them now that I'm not on my period anymore to see if they smell differently and to see if I like them now.

See my long explanation after the cut!