Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfumes (REVISITED) -- Part I

WARNING -- This post is ridiculously long.

Here's the TL;DR summary: I noticed that perfumes smell differently on me when I'm on my period, and I tried all of the Deep Midnight perfumes when I was on my period. I'm going to retry them now that I'm not on my period anymore to see if they smell differently and to see if I like them now.

See my long explanation after the cut!


So I noticed a strange phenomenon.

Ever since I got diagnosed with PCOS, a lot of strange things have happened to me when it comes to menstruation. I now have cramps when I never did before. I'm more hairy. Sometimes I would get my period twice a month and then sometimes I'd get it every 4-6 months. I've also noticed extreme symptoms of PMS (depression, unexplained crying, suicidal thoughts) when I used to be unaffected by it.

Anyway, in short, every time I DO get my period, the span of time including one week before my period, during my period, and one week after my period is basically my shit stage. My hormones go haywire and I end up being super pimply, greasy, and MOODY. However, that's not all. During that span of time, my tastes in perfume AND the way a perfume smells on me also change.

I also realized that when I tried on all of the Deep Midnight perfume samples, I was on my period. I ended up hating the majority of the DM perfumes. All of them smelled funky on me at the time and I casted DM off as one of those "never again" companies.

However, on 3/11, Deep Midnight announced a small sale for St. Patrick's Day which was 17% off all listings that contained the color green. I went back into my review posts to see which perfumes I liked/semi-liked from DM, and then I searched them up to see if they had the color green. The only one that fit the bill was The Halfling's Party.

Excited to waste money, I added it to my cart. But then, I thought to myself, "Didn't you dislike the majority of the perfumes? Why are you even repurchasing from a company that wasn't that great? Do you even LIKE The Halfling's Party or are you just looking to throw some money around?"

So I forced myself to wait for five days until 3/16 (the coupon ended on 3/19) for a couple of reasons:

1. At the time, Sarawen's perfume giveaway for all three Doctor Who perfumes was going to end on 3/16, and at the time I also had the 3 Doctor Who perfumes in my cart because I wanted to purchase them. I was going to wait until the 16th to see if I won anything. If I won the perfumes, I wouldn't buy them and use my money on something else instead.

2. In the case that I DID win something (turns out I did! XD), I was going to buy other shit to celebrate the end of the school term. The things I was debating on purchasing were The Halfling's Party from Deep Midnight & some smells from a company I found called Midnight Gypsy Alchemy. Because I have a sample of The Halfling's Party (will be referred to as THP from here on), I decided to use it everyday & test-drive it from 3/11 until 3/16 to make sure that I really like it. If I liked it, I would purchase THP with the coupon and ditch the Midnight Gypsy Alchemy perfumes, but if I didn't like it, then I would go with Midnight Gypsy Alchemy (due to zero self-control, I bought both, but that's aside from the point...).

ALRIGHT! Are you still with me? Hahaha. Okay. So smells are different to me on my period, and I tested on THP for 5 days straight due to the reasons stated above. My 5-day retrial of THP happened while I wasn't on my period.

THP smelled GOOD. Like really, really good. Did it smell this good before? I thought to myself. I don't remember being this wildly in love with it. Goddamn. I need to buy this shit STAT.

Still, I waited until the 16th. As soon as it was announced that I won 2nd prize in the Sarawen giveaway, I purchased THP immediately.

As usual, although you don't know this, whenever I purchase perfume or makeup (mainly perfume lately), I make a draft for its review and I fill it out with preliminary information such as the day I purchased it, what I bought, how much it cost, a little bit about the company and my reasons for throwing money at it if I have any, and what the descriptions for those scents are. (I guess I'm a reviewer now? I'm not even good at describing smells.)

Because THP is not a new scent & I've talked about it briefly before, I decided that its review will be just a more in-depth revisit type of review. Also because I already know what it smells like, I could write the full review now and only needed to wait for the package to arrive so that I could take pictures. I went back to my old post to copy and paste my original thoughts about THP for completeness, and I was intending to just make a new paragraph and add on more thoughts. However, I noticed that my original thoughts were kinda off. Why the hell did I write that? I don't smell apples at all, I thought.

I realized that at the time I was on my period, and I was moody as fuck (I spent about 2 or so weeks being depressed and crying everyday, and I remember that receiving my DM packages was the only thing worth smiling about at the time). I concluded that fucked-up hormones + perfumes = strange shit happens.
I also realized that I might've unfairly judged the DM perfumes because I was all kinds of unbalanced while I was trying them on.

Here's a revisit of those DM perfumes to bring them justice if they deserve it.

This revisit will be a series of posts because I have 26 total smells from DM. Writing a huge-ass post with thoughts of all 26 smells is probably not a very good idea (I figure tumblr will crash or something).


With that said, here are 5 smells revisited to start this off. I also have pretty pictures this time!


Freshly buttered bread, harvest apples baked into a caramel tart, rum, red wine, and a light citrus with background notes of old polished wood, sweet tobacco leaf, and a dusting of oak wood roaring in a welcoming hearth.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Buttered bread and tart apples with some tobacco leaf.
THOUGHTS NOW: Buttered bread layered on top of amazingly deep and potent tobacco with something a bit sharp and tart. No apples. Dries down to a deliciously subtle and sweet caramel and bread. I LOVE IT.


Raw honeycomb layered over succulent peaches, sweet gardenia, and a deep, rich myrrh.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Rich honey with a floral touch.
THOUGHTS NOW: A light touch of honey with some waxiness. Like beeswax? It smells a bit dry and not sweet. I also get a little bit of peach, and there's also a tart tone to it. I don't know what it is, but the overall effect is goddamn amazing. God, it smells so good. I don't really get a distinct floral feel from this, but I can see how it's mingling somewhere in there. LOVE.


Dark Egyptian amber and gaharu wood, well blended and served with creamy vanilla, cinnamon spices, rich chocolate, and a splash of Turkish coffee.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Plastic, rubber, fresh citrus cleaning solution (?!?!?!), and a touch of cinnamon. Washed it off.
THOUGHTS NOW: Reading my previous thoughts, I just think, Jesus Christ, hormones really do fuck shit up. This time around, I got a tiny 3-second burst of chocolate, and then a little bit of tartness and woodiness while it's still wet. Once it soaks in and also on the drydown, it is a creamy, cinnamon-y chocolate-tinged vanilla. I actually like this now.

Biscotti scented blend of Turkish coffee, vanilla, oatmeal, milk, honey, almond, and a sprinkle of chocolate.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Bread and very faint coffee. It’s kinda dusty and faint with no sweetness.
THOUGHTS NOW: Still bread and dusty coffee, but it has a tiny sweet quality to it that is like toasted almonds. It's a good foodie/bakery smell that won't make you feel sticky or like you're attracting ants. it fades down to a very very faintly sweet dusty smell similar to old books, and then eventually it becomes a creamy, subtly sweet smell, but at this stage I can only smell it if I inhale deeply whilst shoving my wrist practically up my nose. Overall, it's quite nice, and this time around smells a bit better than last time.


Roasted pralines smothered in brown sugar, deep and dark Victorian rosewood, drops of benzoin, and a touch of sinister smoke from a bottomless pit.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Dry, woody, smoky smell. No sweetness. I’m kinda meh about it.
THOUGHTS NOW: Once again, a complete difference from the last time I tried it. I smell the brown sugar and the wood, but it is also accompanied by a nutty quality. In a way, (I guess because of the smoke,) it reminds me of the incense I smell from Buddhist temples but much sweeter. It dries down to a creamy, faint sweetness. I actually really like this now.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this revisit series.

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