Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfumes (REVISITED) -- Part 2

Alright. See the previous post for part 1.

Very picture heavy after the cut.


Sweet creamy pastries, cakes and sticky puddings, topped off with plump wild berries and a touch of spices and soft florals.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: I just softened creaminess with some pepper and a touch of something tart. Not really sweet, just kinda gentle and fluffy.

THOUGHTS NOW: A brief burst of something kinda sour and spiced that reminds me of fish sauce and basil (?!) and then soft but tart with a bit of pepper. It's not over sweet nor super peppery. I think this is generally the same as my first impression.


Dark gingerbread, rich vanilla, molasses, cardamon, anise, and black pepper.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: A hint of unsweetened gingerbread and a lot of cardamom, anise, and pepper. No sweetness.

THOUGHTS NOW: I get the same as before except it's a sweeter and yummier this time. Overall it's still not a tooth-achingly sweet smell. It's more of a subtle, kinda delicious smell. Another great one for people who don't like super real sugary food smells.


His dark brown leather cloak covered him from nape to knee. A scented story of aromatic copal, nutty tonka bean, oak wood smoke, and toasted sugar.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: COPAL. WOOOOO COPAL. I only know how copal smells from another perfume I’ve tried before that was mainly copal, and this first initial blast is exactly like the other one. I like copal, but just not alone and with nothing else.

THOUGHTS NOW: I get copal sweetened with some sugar. It's sweeter than I remember it to be. It's quite nice.


A mad concoction of bitter dark chocolate, oakmoss, nag champa and a touch of tobacco.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Burst of chocolate, then persisting incensey woody sharpness. Very masculine and a bit nauseating. I want to wash it off, but I’m already in bed so I’ll deal with it.

THOUGHTS NOW: Softened woody, mossiness with a hint of unsweetened chocolate in the back. Much more tolerable than last time. I also smell something incensey (the nag champa?). I still think this would smell fantastic on a man. A few hours later, it's a smokey, woody, mossy smell with a touch of sweetness from the tobacco. The longevity on this is ridiculous. I had it on for 9 hours and it was still going strong. Around the 11 hour mark, it was still good to go but because I took a shower, it faded away.


An earthy mix of Arabian sandalwood, Sudanese frankincense, and patchouli blended with the aromas of roasted chestnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, and finished with cranberries and sweet cake.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: I smell incense, sharp woodiness, and cranberries. This is a pretty tart fragrance. After settling down for a bit, it smells mainly of cranberries and a touch of smoke, but everything is softer than the initial application. After another 15 or 20 minutes, the cranberry is gone and I’m left with a soft, powdery baby smell. I was hoping for the nuts and sweet cake to show up, but they never did.

THOUGHTS NOW: Sweet cranberry hard candy. Think of flavored cough drops, or lemon drops that are cranberry-flavored instead. It also kinda reminds me of cranberry tea. I don't remember it being this pleasantly sweet. I can smell a soft sandalwood incensey smell in the back. After it has dried on my skin, it becomes a soft, powdery and comforting cranberry. Waiting a few more minutes, it sweetens out significantly. I'm really really liking this the longer I have it on. **1 hour update** -- At this point, the soft powdery sweetness has taken over and I find myself having to try pretty hard to get a whiff of it. I have to shove my wrist in my face and inhale deeply. My roommate on the other hand, when told to smell my wrist, wrinkled her nose and said, "It's strong." I looked at her with a WTF face and said, "What the fuck? Strong? It's not strong. I can't even smell it anymore." And she answered, "Well I can smell it. It's strong." I guess I'll take that. Maybe it's because I'm so used to perfumes that I can never smell them anymore. Haha. Anyway, I reapplied because I wanted to smell it again (I really like it!), and the second layer is even more intoxicating than the first. Layering it on again makes it even sweeter but still retains the tart cranberry and powdery soft incense. GOD I LOVE THIS.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this revisit series.

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