Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfumes (REVISITED) -- Part 3

Part 3! See previous posts for part 2 and 1.

Very picture heavy after the cut.


Spicy myrrh smothered in a rich cappuccino, candied pecans, blood orange, and vanilla bean.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. It smells exactly like Steam Bath Factory’s “Bloodbath,” which is pumpkins, dust (whatever the fuck that means), and coffee. It's kinda sweet and smells kinda rotten in a way. It's a little sickening.

THOUGHTS NOW: I smell a very nice espresso-tinged cocoa, which is strange because there isn't any cocoa in here. I think I'm getting the candied pecans. It's a lot sweeter than last time, and it smells less like fermenting pumpkins. I actually like this quite a bit now. It's pretty yummy.


Green tea, black pepper, cardamom, and a mysterious little dollop of cocoa make this a tantalizing unisex scent.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Fresh & spicy, like herbs. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either. I washed it off to try on something else.

THOUGHTS NOW: I smell all the elements in this. The tea, the pepper, the cardamom, and the cocoa. It's like a fresh and peppery spiced tea with a warm cocoa overlay. Last time, I didn't get any of the cocoa. very interesting. One complaint is that I can't tell if this wants to be a fresh and light scent or a heavier, sweet scent, and it's kinda throwing my off. Hahaha. After a little bit, it develops a metallic smell. Even though this time the smell is different, I still don't like nor dislike it. Just meh.


The aromas of red wine, apple wine, ale, sweet oranges, fruit and cloves, along with delicate touches of frankincense and myrrh.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. Since I was so disappointed with so many at this point, I stood next to the sink to try the last 4. Synthetically-flavored grape cough syrup and sour wood. Washed it off.

THOUGHTS NOW: Spiced apple cider. Smells good! After several hours, it just smells kinda sweet with a touch of spice. I quite enjoy this one now.


Enjoy the scrumptious smells of creamy chocolate, toasted coconut, and tantalizing vanilla.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Burst of bitter cocoa, plasticky fake coconut, and then play doh. I washed it off.

THOUGHTS NOW: 2-second burst of Almondjoy (milk chocolate and coconut), and then plasticky fake coconut with play doh. I kept this on for fairness's sake, but it became a plasticky, rubbery smell until it faded away. NO.


Sweet pumpkins, roasted marshmallows, candycorn, soft notes of hay and leaves, sprinkled with warm spices, and tossed amongst base notes of rich vanilla and buttery Tunisian Frankincense.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Hay and leaves. Not sweet but not sharp. I’m guessing all the sweet things are just keeping this from being too leafy. Very autumn.

THOUGHTS NOW: Unsweetened or very lightly sweetened pumpkin spice and some leaves/hay. It was quite comforting and a lot different from last time. It has a perfume quality to it, so it doesn't smell like straight up food. It dries down to a faint vanilla. I kinda like it. Last time, I thought it smelled like "Fire Eater" by DC, which smells like wet, burning leaves to me, so I thought "Meh, I already have something like it," but this time is a lot nicer.


Spiced Mexican chocolate, blood oranges, and the secret ingredient of the ancients.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Think peppery, spicy, musty, slightly sour body odor and fermented curry… in short, NO.

THOUGHTS NOW: I was veeerrrrryyyyy hesitant to try this again because I was so put off by it the first time. I even wore Haunted Hayride for an extra day just to delay having to retry Mayan Mystery. I finally mustered up the courage to wear it again, and sure enough, I got SUPER peppery, spicy, musty, sour body odor and fermented curry. I tried to keep it on for a while to see if it changes, but it didn't even last 2 minutes on me before I was so disgusted that I washed it off. NO NO NO.

Stay tuned for part 4!

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