Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfumes (REVISITED) — Part 4

Part 4!

Very picture heavy after the cut.


Sensual florals highlighted with lily of the Valley, spicy indulgent opium, a bowlful of the deepest sensual red berries, and caresses of frankincense and patchouli.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. Since I was so disappointed with so many at this point, I stood next to the sink to try the last 4. Burst of cheap wine, then heavy florals. Washed it off.

THOUGHTS NOW: Burst of grapes and berries, then heavy florals (think grandma style perfume). I'm not a fan of florals, but I kept this on for reviewing's sake. After it dries and settles a bit, I get sweetened florals. The balance between the berries and florals is quite nice. It lessens the heady, bitter effect of the flowers. I actually quite like it. Me liking florals? No way...


Notes of amaretto liqueur are deepened with balanced tones of the darkest cocoa, cappuccino, rich cream, and buttery amber, while background notes of oakwood fire, and citrus deepen the intrigue.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: A quick 5-second burst of cocoa, a little bit of sharp wood for 2 seconds, then RUBBING ALCOHOL. They aren’t joking about the liqueur. The rubbing alcohol smell persisted for 10 minutes and was bothering me, so I just washed it off.

THOUGHTS NOW: A burst of almond, and then rubbery, plasticky almond with rubbing alcohol underneath. Another minute after application, it's plain rubbing alcohol. Well damn, but NO.


Black cherry, dark chocolate, rich vanilla, and a kiss of sangria tempt all you encounter.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: I’m getting a sharp cherry smell like maraschino cherries with a tiny touch of vanilla.

THOUGHTS NOW: Cherry-center chocolate (have you ever eaten those?) and then plain cherry, and then boozy cherry. Nice, but not my thing.


Musk and sweet vanilla, with dashes and splashes of pipe tobacco and bay rum.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: I only smell the tobacco, which is slightly sweet, slightly tart, and has a metallic quality to it. It smells like Scent by the Sea’s “Barbary Belle,” which is tobacco and cocoa (but the cocoa doesn’t show up). After a while though, it sweetens out and the metallic smell goes away. Not bad.

THOUGHTS NOW: It starts off as metallic tobacco (very chain-smokery), but after 20 minutes the metallic smell goes away and the vanilla kicks in. I think it's essentially the same as last time. Not bad, but makes me think of a chain smoker, so hm... ***Another 20 minutes later: It now smells like pee/public bathroom. Sorry, but NO.


Tropical fruits, fresh pears, red berries, cream, figs, Sicilian orange, pummelo, caramel, lily of the valley, and a barely hidden note of red licorice. 

THOUGHTS BEFORE: As a cheap way of self-entertainment, I decided to test this out without looking at the notes list first. Holy shit cough syrup and pepto bismol or something? Synthetic fruits and sharpness. I don’t even want to wait it out to see if it changes. I’m washing it off…

THOUGHTS NOW: Bitter synthetically-flavored fruity cough syrup with rubbing alcohol. It smells different from last time, but it still smells like some kind of medicine. The longer it stays on my skin, the more it smells like alcohol. NO.

Stay tuned for part 5 and the conclusion!

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