Perfume Review: Deep Midnight Perfumes (REVISITED) — Part 5

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Very picture-heavy after the cut!


Sweet sugars spun round with haunting Spanish moss, a very deep vanilla accord, drops of sensual patchouli, and background notes of fig, greens, and clove.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: I get a very tea-like floral smell that reminds me of fancy Italian or French soap. No sweetness.

THOUGHTS NOW: Very light sugar with a lot of greens (leaves, vines, moss...). Very fresh and feminine. It makes me think of flowers, but it's a lot less flowery than flowers (the moss?). It's quite nice, but not really my style, and it makes me feel a lot older than I am because it's a very upscale classy lady type of scent (at least that's what I think hahaha).


Sweet Sudanese frankincense, rare spices, a deep warm luscious vanilla, and pinch of sage, all topped off with a whiff of magic cauldron smoke.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: I guess I’m getting frankincense? I’m not exactly sure what that smells like, but I’m getting a deep, pungent, slightly tart smell that kinda reminds me of soap for men. I get some sage. No sweetness.

THOUGHTS NOW: Probably the frankincense and sage. Kinda deep and tart with a hint of vanilla somewhere. It reminds me of incense, but better. I actually really like this. Hmmmm. Interesting.


Ripe succulent peaches, aromatic magnolia blossoms, trailing vines and branches, a hint of smoky sweet copal, and touch of golden fruit.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Tartness hovering around something floral and green. Very prominent green note. Smells like crushed green leaves or branches.

THOUGHTS NOW: YUM, PEACHES. Then a light floral peaks in, but still mainly peaches. Dries down as peaches. Similar to Naenia which is also from DM. Very interesting how I didn't get peaches at all last time. I don't get any green this time although I got a lot of it last time... I like this a lot, but it's similar to Naenia and Thalia (both also from DM).


Musk, dark sandalwood, and rich vanilla with the essence of vanilla bean added.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: Softened men’s aftershave. No sweetness.

THOUGHTS NOW: A quick 2-second burst of men's aftershave quickly followed by the perfume settling down into a warm & soft vanilla with something else in the back. It reminds me of Midnight Gypsy's "Dragon's Milk," which is one of my faves. I liked it for 20 minutes, but then the vanilla started fading a bit, becoming a mix with something else... and that in turn smells like plastic to me. Huh.


Egyptian amber, frankincense, warm vanilla and musk, all laced with roses, and finished with kisses of bergamot tea, and deep, lush berries.

THOUGHTS BEFORE: A “shower fresh” smell. Can’t pick out the individual notes, but I get tart, soapy softness with some flowers.

THOUGHTS NOW: It smells like Saturnalia on me (also from DM). I get a burst of tart berries and overall semi-sweet creaminess. Very interesting.  I like it!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this revisit series!

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