Tenga Iroha Mini Fuji Lemon

NOTE: This post is really different from what I usually review/write about (perfume). Hahaha. Kinda NSFW I guess? BUT I HAD TO PUT UP PICTURES BECAUSE IT'S SO CUTE.

Find out what's so NSFW about it after the cut!

Sooooo... I bought a sex toy.

It's from a Japanese brand called Tenga, which is kinda famous for its innovative, inconspicuous designs. Tenga originally started by making toys for men (go check out the Tenga Egg. So amusing!), and more recently it released a line just for women, called Iroha.

It started off with 3 luxury vibrators, and then it expanded to include a smaller, cheaper vibrator called the Iroha Mini. I got a mini in the color combination "Fuji-Lemon," which is purple and yellow. There are two other colors: Umeanzu (dark pink and light pink) and Soramikan (sky blue and orange). SO CUTE.

It cost me ~$25 with free shipping from a seller on Amazon called "Liberator."

Onto photos!

Even the packaging is cute. Hahaha

So small, colorful, and cute!

The bottom says, "iroha DESIGNED BY TENGA."

Runs on a single AAA battery. Box claims it can last for 5 continuous hours!


  • Waterproof
  • Inconspicuous (doesn't look obvious or obnoxious)
  • STRONG vibes
  • Colorful and cute
  • Small and portable
  • Lasts a long time
  • Less intimidating than a huge-ass phallic vibrator, so good for first-timers or anyone who wants something less daunting. Hahaha


  • Only one vibration speed (strong and continuous)
  • Hard plastic shell (might feel a bit better if it had a squishy layer)
  • Runs on batteries (would be nice if it were rechargeable)
  • No insertable portion (I don't mind, but might be an issue for others)

Yep! I haven't used it yet for its purpose, but I've messed around with it in my palm. Hahaha. I'm not that new to vibrating devices, so I figure this will be pretty satisfying.

What do you think of the Iroha Mini? Would you get one?

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