Just a Small Update & Hauls

I'll be putting up a TON of swatches and reviews soon, but in the meantime, here are some images of the packages I've received in the mail these past couple of weeks.

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Darling Girl Cosmetics Review & Swatches!

Darling Girl Cosmetics

Darling Girl Cosmetics
As I've mentioned before, previously, I had only bought two eyeshadows from DGC years ago, and then more recently I bought the primer and glitter glue and fell in love. At the end of March, I came back once again and bought 2 more primpers and 20 (!!) petit eyeshadows of a bunch of duochromey colors.

Read on for some verbal diarrhea about DGC and Fyrinnae and TONS OF SWATCHES!


Makeup Review: Siren Cosmetics

I discovered Siren Cosmetics through the awesome people of /r/Indiemakeupandmore. I really need to stop going to that subreddit because all of the threads there are influencing me to spend wayyyyy more than I should be spending right now. D:

Anyway, Siren Cosmetics carries sample bags for $0.50 and full sized, 10g jars for $7. I was originally not interested at all in this shop, but after seeing this post from Lipstick & Librairies and the awesome swatch of Teenage Kicks, I thought WELLLLLLL LET'S GO SPEND SOME MONEY.

Tons of photos after the cut!

Perfume Review: Alkemia

Sooooo.... this is my third or fourth order from Alkemia. I'm definitely getting addicted to this shop.

Bought - 4/6/2014
Shipped - 4/7/2014
Received - 4/10/2014

As usual, Alkemia's service is quick and painless. I don't think I've ever come across a shop that is faster than Alkemia! TAKE A LOOK AT DAT TAT.

I've bought from here a few times now, but this is the first time I've ever bought FULL BOTTLES. HOHOHO. Not only that, my choices for the bottles is also a first for me. They aren't my usual "witchcraft bakery" scents (sweet gourmands mixed with woods/resins). These are gorgeous, lovely "fresh" scents in comparison to what I usually gravitate towards. Most of Alkemia's smells are very "department store"-like without the shitty alcohol burst nor the synthetic feeling that often comes with mainstream perfumes. Alkemia uses a lot more "traditional" notes that you might find in a department store perfume, but they smell more rich and real. Alkemia scents don't have that super hippie flair that I get from most indie shops. Alkemia's scents are more universally friendly and "upscale"-smelling in the sense that the vibe they give off could easily pass for a large perfume house like Guerlain or something. Very sophisticated, complex, and so well-blended that you can't easily identify one single prominent note at any given time. (At least that's my impression of Alkemia scents.)

Tons of pictures after the cut!


Perfume Reviews for Alkemia, Darling Clandestine, Deep Midnight, & BPAL as Told By My Boyfriend

I'm always telling my man to smell my perfumes and to give me his opinion. He's been telling me that he actually enjoys smelling my perfumes, so I've asked him to give a "formal review" on several scents that I had on hand. Here's what he said!


Swatches: Illamasqua Lover, Fyrinnae Nordic Angel & Enchant

A long time ago (1-2 years ago), I went to Sephora and asked a sales associate to find my shade with Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation and to recommend me a good blush for my skintone. She put Illamasqua "Lover" on my face and GODDAMN I REALLY DID FALL IN LOVE. However, at the time, I was pretty broke (well, still broke) and couldn't justify buying it ($26 for a blush? FORREAL?!). The thought of Lover never left my mind though, so recently when Sephora had a 15% off coupon, I took that chance to nab Lover (finally! I've wanted it for so long!).


I've been in a coral/pink/orange blush kick lately (the brighter the better), so while I was browsing Fyrinnae and adding some shadows I don't have into my cart, I decided to just throw in the blushes Nordic Angel and Enchant as well. I also, for some reason, remembered Lover to be a lot brighter than it actually is, so at the time that I was buying Nordic Angel and Enchant, I was hoping one of them could end up being a dupe for Lover so that I can return it (and get dat money back because the price still scars me).

Swatches of all three blushes after the cut!


First Impressions & Swatches: Notoriously Morbid

I first heard about Notoriously Morbid through the cool people of /r/Indiemakeupandmore. I remember briefly browsing the site for a bit but wasn't intrigued by anything, so I kinda forgot about NM. Later on, I asked people on /r/Indiemakeupandmore for recommendations on gold duochromes, and a few people suggested Quiet in the Dark and Gretel's Ghost from NM. I went back to check out NM (this time on Etsy), and then added those two shadows to my cart for kicks. I wasn't going to purchase anything, but after hemming and hawing for a while, I ended up buying the blogger package out of curiosity (haha).

Picture-heavy post!

Swatches of Fyrinnae Eyeshadows After DIY Pressing (Part 2)

Here are swatches of the rest of my Fyrinnae shadows after I pressed them with lube and alcohol. :) All swatches are done in natural lighting (sunlight) unless stated otherwise. The upper half of the swatch is patted and swept over Darling Girl Cosmetics Primped and Primed primer. The bottom half is on bare skin. I used a $1 ELF eyeshadow brush to apply.

Observation about these shadows after pressing and other notes:
  • All of the colors shown in this post have more of a metallic finish to them. I noticed that pressing these didn't really change their pigmentation/the way they applied compared to when they were loose.
  • The result is opposite from the effect that pressing did on the colorful shadows from this post.
  • Of course, they still look better when used over a primer.

This post is extremely picture heavy after the cut.


Swatches of Fyrinnae Eyeshadows After DIY Pressing (Part 1)

Here are swatches of my Fyrinnae shadows after I pressed them with lube and alcohol. :) All swatches are done in natural lighting (sunlight). The upper half of the swatch is patted and swept over Darling Girl Cosmetics Primped and Primed primer. The bottom half is on bare skin. I used a $1 ELF eyeshadow brush.

Observations about the shadows after pressing:
  • Now, they are pretty much rubbish without a primer. Before, I could use them alone without a primer and still be able to get a decent look.
  • Mephisto and Meerkat "bled" a lot when I pressed them, releasing all of their color into the napkin. This affected their pigmentation and boldness, so now the base of Meerkat is muted and sheer, and Mephisto is now a sheer, dark blue black instead of pigmented dark navy.

This post is extremely picture heavy after the cut.

Pressing Fyrinnae Shadows and Short Review on Book of Shadows

After seeing a ton of pressed eyeshadow pr0nz everywhere, I got the pressing itch and decided to press my Fyrinnae shadows.




Perfume Review: Wild Hybrid

Note: This was imported from my tumblr. It was written more than a year ago.

Wild Hybrid

A perfume company (also makes soaps and jewelry) based in New Zealand! Woohoo international business!

Perfume Review: Midnight Gypsy Alchemy

NOTE: Imported from my tumblr. This was written more than a year ago.

Bought - 3/17/2013
Shipped - 3/25/2013
Received - 3/29/2013

Midnight Gypsy Alchemy was one of the first companies I ever found on etsy after searching for "chocolate perfume." At the time, I thought that $16.95 for an indie perfume was horrendously expensive, and so I didn't purchase from this store.


Everything I've Ever Bought from Fyrinnae

I was looking through my past invoices, and just thought I'd compile a list of all the things I've bought from Fyrinnae. I've also included an order that never went through because at the last minute I decided I didn't want to spend money. In hindsight, I should've bought it since those colors are all discontinued now, and at that time I think Fyrinnae still had free shipping for orders over $20.

Perfume Review: Sarawen Perfume Art The Blue Box Sampler (9, 10, 11)


I just won 2nd place in a perfume giveaway from SaraWen Perfume Art!

First place winner gets ALL 3 of the new Doctor Who perfumes in the FULL-sized bottle, and 2nd place gets all 3 of them in the mini-size bottle. I got 2nd place. :D


Some Fyrinnae Swatches

This was an order I bought and received sometime ago in February 2014. It's the first order I ever placed after Fyrinnae changed its formula to its current clumpy ball form. These are some pretty shit-tastic swatches, but I did them right after I opened my package.

All swatches done with my finger, swiped onto bare skin. Taken in indoor unnatural lighting. Slightly color adjusted in photoshop to make it less yellow (my room light is super yellow).

Photos after the cut!