Darling Girl Cosmetics Review & Swatches!

Darling Girl Cosmetics

Darling Girl Cosmetics
As I've mentioned before, previously, I had only bought two eyeshadows from DGC years ago, and then more recently I bought the primer and glitter glue and fell in love. At the end of March, I came back once again and bought 2 more primpers and 20 (!!) petit eyeshadows of a bunch of duochromey colors.

Read on for some verbal diarrhea about DGC and Fyrinnae and TONS OF SWATCHES!

Bought - 3/31/2014
Shipped - 4/15/2014
Received - 4/21/2014

Darling Girl has a TAT of 18-20 business days. My order took 11 business days to ship out, but even so that took a total of 15 days, and that made me very impatient even though it was well within the TAT. Lol. I'm an addict for instant gratification, damn it!

Anyway, all of the shadows are lovely. The colors are unique, the formula is smooth and blendable, and everything is just awesome. DGC's formula actually reminds me of Fyrinnae's shadows before they got reformulated to the current clumpy shadow formulation. I actually really miss Fyrinnae's old formulation because I felt that the shadows were more pigmented without the addition of the binder.

Thus, suddenly I thought, DGC vs. Fyrinnae: Who wins?

When it comes to TAT:
DGC has a stated TAT of 18-20 business days, but Susan (the owner) definitely shipped mine earlier than that, within 15 days. Fyrinnae has a stated TAT of a fucking ridiculous 22-30 business days, but every time I've bought from Fyrinnae, they have ALWAYS shipped my order within 4 days.

WINNER: Fyrinnae

When it comes to formula:
DGC has a buttery, smooth, loose shadow that has minimal fallout if you pat the shadow on. Pigmentation is average to nonexistent without a primer and awesome with. I really, really appreciate places that sell their own primers because a lot of shops show amazing-ass swatches and the shadows actually turn out shitty as fuck without a primer. I feel like that's false advertising and it really pisses me off. However, if a swatch looks amazing on a site AND the shop sells its own primer, it's kinda like implying that you need the primer to get that pigmentation... so I feel less miffed. With Fyrinnae, after the reformulation, the shadows have been more difficult to work with, but they're still decent. They definitely look better with Fyrinnae's PE. Once again, really appreciate the shop making its own adhesive/primer/thing. But overall, I think I prefer the smooth formula of DGC.

WINNER: Darling Girl

When it comes to colors and complexity:
Both have a good range of colors. Both companies have duochromes and glittery stuff. DGC has a more extensive selection though, so you have more to choose from and hoard.

WINNER: Darling Girl

When it comes to quantity and pricing:
DGC has full sizes with approx. 3/4 tsp of shadow for $5.90. Petits are approx. 1/4 tsp for $2.50. Ten petits for $23.75, so each petit of 1/4 tsp = $2.38. If you buy a full, the price per teaspoon is $7.87. If you buy a petit by itself, the price per teaspoon is $10. If you buy a petit in a discounted set of ten (like I did), price per teaspoon is $9.52.
Fyrinnae has minis with 1/3 tsp of shadow for $2.25. If you buy a mini, the price per teaspoon is $6.75. A full size is about 1.25 to 1.5 tsp for $6.25. If you buy a full sized jar, each teaspoon comes out to $5 to $4.17.
You get more bang for your buck with Fyrinnae, regardless of what size you buy.

WINNER: Fyrinnae

When it comes to customer service:
I've never had to deal directly with Susan from DGC, but all of my orders have always come intact and nothing was ever missing. I've only contacted Fyrinnae once (recently, actually) because they switched my order with someone else's on accident. They answered the next morning and sent out a replacement the day after. I was never involved with the whole twitter snarkiness with Fyrinnae, and I have never been bothered enough by the random website shutdowns because I really don't need/want the shadows enough to get mad over the fact that I can't get them right away. I'm always willing to wait.

WINNER: Personally, I'd say a tie.



DGC: 2 + tie
Fyrinnae: 2 + tie


Okay, enough talking. Here are swatches. All swatches are done using a $1 ELF brush over DGC's Primped & Primed on the upper half of the swatch and over bare skin on the bottom half. Pictures taken in natural lighting and adjusted on photoshop for accuracy. Dupes are listed before each color set.

Darling Girl Cosmetics EYESHADOWS!
First set: ALLLLLL the pinks and gold/pink duochromes because I'm a hoarder and this category is one of my favorite color groups for eyeshadow. Yeah.

  • Positively Peachy = Dupe for Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions
  • Sunset Strip = Slightly darker dupe for Fyrinnae's Kurisumasu!
  • Wink = Slightly lighter dupe for Fyrinnae's Kurisumasu!; Less sparkling and more metallic dupe for Fyrinnae's Moon Child

The next group is the neutrals and beiges. In the jars they all looked beige or taupe, but after swatching them I GUESS THEY WEREN'T REALLY THAT NEUTRAL. ALL LIES. In person, the sheens on these are a lot more prominent. I definitely felt like Frankenstein, Beast, and Hot Rocks were very similar. I definitely didn't need three red/copper-sheened grey shadows, so I wish I had switched out a couple of them for something else. Beast is a more sparkly version of Frankenstein, and Hot Rocks is a redder version of Frankenstein, in my opinion.
  • Frankenstein = Less copper shine dupe for Fyrinnae's Te Amo / Serendipity.
  • Beast = Less copper shine but more glittery dupe for Fyrinnae's Te Amo / Serendipity.
  • Hot Rocks = Red (and not copper) version of Fyrinnae's Te Amo / Serendipity.

Now here is the blue and purple category. Look at the sorcery that is Blue Flame. Like what the fuck is that even legal?
  • The Count = Less sparkly, less duochromey, less bright dupe for Fyrinnae's Faerie Glamour.
  • Nightwatch = Darker and lime-ish instead of gold sheen version of Fyrinnae's Meerkat.
  • London Calling = Less coppery red and dark teal instead of navy base. Dupe for Fyrinnae's Mephisto. (See swatches of Mephisto here.)
  • Blue Flame = Red sheened, royal blue version of Fyrinnae's Mephisto.

And finally, here are the other random colors that I have. RHAPSODY IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN.
  • Bronze Dawn = Dupe for Fyrinnae's Velvet Vampire. In pictures they look nothing alike, but in person they definitely look very, very similar. I don't have them side by side at the moment to compare, but they give me the same vibe.
  • Tea for Two = Dupe for Femme Fatale's Pumpkin Shrine.

And finally, here is the free baggie sample and the GWP that I received with my order. I actually can't remember the name of the GWP exactly, but I think it's Taupy Top...

For anyone who is turned off by Fyrinnae, you can DEFINITELY get stuff that are on par with Fyrinnae's shadows just by shopping at Darling Girl, but you'll just have to deal with a slower TAT and slightly more expensive stuff.

So what do you all think? Do you want to empty your bank account yet? Go forth and spend money! (Or not. I tried to take super accurate swatches, but in person, all of these look much, much more beautiful!)

Hope that helps!


  1. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous swatches!

  2. These swatches are amazing, Thank you! My eyes enjoyed the candies!


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