Just a Small Update & Hauls

I'll be putting up a TON of swatches and reviews soon, but in the meantime, here are some images of the packages I've received in the mail these past couple of weeks.

Images after the cut!

Sugar & Spite Bathery. Review coming soon!

Hello Waffle's Ouroboros Collection and a few others.

Dreamworld Hermetica Blushes!

Notoriously Morbid shadows and liners.

Also, here's a very special (not really; more like evidence of my very poor sense of judgment and lack of self-control) sneak peak of what I ordered from the Shiro anniversary sale. It's a huge list, so that means I'm gonna have a FUCKLOAD of swatches when they come in.

Eyeshadow Samples:
  1. Getting Wood
  2. Full of Craft
  3. Diggy Diggy Hole
  4. Steve O'Lantern
  5. I'll Move That For You
  6. Are You Shear You Wanna Enchant That?
  7. Skull Kid
  8. Smashing Pots
  9. Kooloo-Limpah!
  10. Majora's Mask
  11. Climbing Chaos
  12. Mother of Dragons
  13. Evolve

Full Sizes:
  1. Doge
  2. What Does The Fox Say?
  3. Chimera
  4. Fullmetal
  5. Blush: 1-up
  6. Freebie Birthday Color: The Fourth Be With You

Intertubes & Lip Balm:
  1. Over 9000
  2. Rickrolled
  3. Trololo
  4. Who Swallowed a Star

Custom Glosses (all opaque):
  1. I Loved a Maid
  2. Women's Weapons
  3. Plausible Walrus
  4. Bowties Are Cool

Thanks for not judging me! (Or if you are, well, I'm not sorry to you. I'm just sorry for my wallet.)
No-buy begins now.

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