Perfume Review: Alkemia

Sooooo.... this is my third or fourth order from Alkemia. I'm definitely getting addicted to this shop.

Bought - 4/6/2014
Shipped - 4/7/2014
Received - 4/10/2014

As usual, Alkemia's service is quick and painless. I don't think I've ever come across a shop that is faster than Alkemia! TAKE A LOOK AT DAT TAT.

I've bought from here a few times now, but this is the first time I've ever bought FULL BOTTLES. HOHOHO. Not only that, my choices for the bottles is also a first for me. They aren't my usual "witchcraft bakery" scents (sweet gourmands mixed with woods/resins). These are gorgeous, lovely "fresh" scents in comparison to what I usually gravitate towards. Most of Alkemia's smells are very "department store"-like without the shitty alcohol burst nor the synthetic feeling that often comes with mainstream perfumes. Alkemia uses a lot more "traditional" notes that you might find in a department store perfume, but they smell more rich and real. Alkemia scents don't have that super hippie flair that I get from most indie shops. Alkemia's scents are more universally friendly and "upscale"-smelling in the sense that the vibe they give off could easily pass for a large perfume house like Guerlain or something. Very sophisticated, complex, and so well-blended that you can't easily identify one single prominent note at any given time. (At least that's my impression of Alkemia scents.)

Tons of pictures after the cut!

On to the pictures and reviews! I've also included what my boyfriend said about some of these smells. :P

All of the smellies together.

All of the smellies together.

L to R: Alkemia Antares, Affaire de Coeur, and Carmen 7

L to R: Affaire de Coeur, Carmen 7, Antares

Alkemia Antares
A perfumed ode to the night sky of the Sonoran Desert and Antares, a mesmerizingly beautiful orange star also known as the 'Eye of the Scorpion'...
Queen of the Night, Dried Wild Roses, Mandarin, Nicotania, Oakmosses, Cactus, Juniper, Acacia buds, Fir Resin, Clary Sage, Cedar Needles, Labdanum, Guaiac Wood, Germander, and White Patchouli lightly bathed in dewy Water Musk.

THOUGHTS: Okay, so I'm pretty much rubbish when it comes to describing scents, but I try my best. However, when it comes to Antares, I'm at a loss for words. It's a gorgeous, sparkling, twinkling, airy, aquatic floral lightly sweetened with a tiny hint of citrus. It definitely makes me think of sitting under a night sky gazing up at the stars. It's a fresh and crisp floral dancing upon a carbonated lake reflecting off of the starry sky. See how crazy my attempts at describing this are getting? I first got Antares as a free sample a while back, and I remember putting it on without reading the description first and just going "HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS SMELLS GOOOOOOOD." Yeah. It's amazing, and it smells expensive.

BOYFRIEND: "Hmmm.... mmm. This just kinda has a cologne thing going on..."

Alkemia Affair de Coeur
A flirtatiously feminine enchantment of sugared white musk, creamy Madagascar vanilla, white sandalwood, tonka bean, white amber, and pale sugar cane. Sweetly intoxicating.
THOUGHTS: Strangely, this smells like honeysuckle on me for a short bit before it becomes a creamy, lightly-sweetened vanilla musk. Ugh it's so good. It smells sweet enough for a sweets lover but "perfumey" enough to be sophisticated and not smell like I just rolled in a vat of frosting.

BOYFRIEND: "This smells like chocolate and cream... and like chocolate liqueur."

Alkemia Carmen 7
An indecent proposal of succulently spiced pear, exotic lychees, decadent french pralines, bourbon vanilla, and crushed almond blossoms leads to a ménage à trois of gardenia, star jasmine, and magnolia illuminated by the afterglow of a sensuously musky amber.
THOUGHTS: This is a gorgeous, sweet fruity floral. I can definitely smell the gardenia and magnolia in this, but they're sweetened by a fruity and sugary quality. Carmen 7 has a "sparkling" tone to it that makes it smell a bit fresh and cologne-y (perhaps the amber?). It dries down to a soft, vanilla musk.

BOYFRIEND: "This smells almost like my deodorant. Yeah, this also has a cologne thing going on." (He wears Old Spice.) I put it on his wrist, and later, after he went home, he texted me saying, "This definitely has a more feminine perfumey smell to it now. I keep smelling your perfume and it makes me miss you. :(" D'awww.

And now the samples!

Alkemia Calliope
A beguiling divertissement of piquant clementine, orange blossoms, white orchid, sugared currants, tonka, and vanilla musk whirled with flirtatious teases of billowy cotton candy floss and kisses of saltwater taffy
THOUGHTS: This smells mostly like sweet berries on me until it dries down into a sugary frosting kind of smell. I actually really like it. :D

BOYFRIEND: "You smell like a berry vanilla cupcake. You smell so good! I just want to eat you."

Alkemia Repartee
The art of scintillating conversation captured. A flirtatious zing of mandarin, a bon mot of yuzu, and a unisexy double entendre of lemon and grapefruit blossoms are followed by a zesty riposte of bitter orange, verbena, ginger root tea, sasparilla, oak moss, and wormwood.
THOUGHTS: On initial application, it's SHARP SHARP CITRUS. It almost threatens to smell like cleaning fluids/floor scrub soap. After an hour, it mellows down into sweet lemon drops and grapefruit juice. Over time, it gets less sweet and has a touch of powder to it. It smells lovely. I think I need a full bottle of this NOW.

Alkemia Sea Goddess
An oceanic hymn. Warm skin caressed by iodine and seawater swirled with seaweed and a whisper of seaspray roses and beach plums on a summery breeze of honeysuckle, nardo, and champaca blossom.
THOUGHTS: This starts off as a bitter, heady white floral. It softens and sweetens a bit after an hour or two, but it's still mainly floral. I was hoping it would be more aquatic or something, but I didn't get that. I'm not a huge fan of floral scents, so I'll have to pass with this one. It's not bad, but I feel that I just wouldn't reach for it often.

Alkemia Desiderata
The exquisitely simple beauty of an evening stroll on a warm June evening. Fresh honeysuckle blooming under a rising full moon, ivy vines, dew dampened grass, riverbed clay, old barnwood, and earthy vetivert root
THOUGHTS:  This is a heavy, earthy and green honeysuckle scent. The earthy green scent is very prominent, adding an herbal quality to the honeysuckle. The floral fades and I'm left with a green, soapy smell. It's a bit headache-inducing for me because I don't take well to florals, so I'll have to pass on this one.

Alkemia Faerie Queen
A midsummer night's enchantment. A sensual spell woven from wild strawberries, strawberry blossoms, freshly unearthed black truffles, crocus sativius, vanilla leaf ferns, green patchouli, tree moss, agarwood, oak bark, enchanter's nightshade, and a drop of honey mead.
THOUGHTS: I get a burst of something green and floral before it settles into a creamy and sweet sugared strawberries. This really reminds me of DC's Morderteile Kelah without the hyacinth. This is delicious, but sometimes smells too sweet for me. I'm undecided on this. Sometimes I like the sweetness, sometimes I don't. I wish I had more of the patchouli to ground it.

Alkemia Elixir of Aphrodite
Luxurious love spell of Persian apricots dipped in orange blossom honey swirling with a sensual enchantment of peach and plum blossoms, mimosa, white star jasmine, ambrette, guiac wood, and vanilla musk.
THOUGHTS: GUMMY CANDIES. Peach-flavored Kasugai gummy candies. Kasugai gummy candies in general (this is what I'm talking about). Gummy, sweet, sugary candy. It smells yummy, but I kinda wanted more of the other smells, like the wood and blossoms. I'll probably use up the sample for days when I want to smell like candy, but otherwise, I'll pass.

Alkemia Lux Aeternum
LUX AETURNUM (free sample)
An homage to the return of the light and the unity of life and death. Red, ripe pomegranates and roses warmed on a bed of solar amber.
THOUGHTS: Burst of rose, and then it quickly morphs into a sweet but tart and fruity rose. Omg. Is this a rose scent that I actually like? I found myself repeatedly sniffing my wrist. It's addicting. The rose is not too floral because of the pomegranate, and the pomegranate isn't too fruity because of the rose. I never would've thought that this combination would go so well. To anyone who likes rose but has not found a good rose scent because most are too floral: GRAB THIS ONE NOW.


Overall, this was a pretty good haul. I'm definitely getting bottles of Lux Aeturnum, Repartee, and Calliope when I get the chance. Do any of these pique your interest? Have you tried any of them?

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