Perfume Review: Midnight Gypsy Alchemy

NOTE: Imported from my tumblr. This was written more than a year ago.

Bought - 3/17/2013
Shipped - 3/25/2013
Received - 3/29/2013

Midnight Gypsy Alchemy was one of the first companies I ever found on etsy after searching for "chocolate perfume." At the time, I thought that $16.95 for an indie perfume was horrendously expensive, and so I didn't purchase from this store.


Little did I know that my spending habits would spiral out of control---but anyway, now I don't think it's extremely expensive, and with the addition of a coupon, I was finally ready to grab a bunch of smells from Midnight Gypsy Alchemy.

I've read a lot on it across the internet back when I was searching for reviews on Midnight Gypsy (two different companies, such similar names), and I found that MGA is an all-natural company in which the owner even infuses herbs/essences into her perfumes. Cool stuff. Also, the packaging and brand aesthetic is amazing.


So what did I buy? Way more than I should've:

Two biggest size bottles (there are sample sizes, 1/3 oz. rollerball bottles, and 1/2 oz. higher concentration bottle; I got two smells in the 1/2 oz bottles), 8 samples, and 3 free samples. For my sample choices, I couldn't decide on what to get for the last 2, so I just listed 5 of them and asked for the owner to grab me 2. She gave me all of them. xD Now THAT'S fricken awesome customer service.


Each sample gets its own info card.

The bottles are a good deal, but the samples are a bit of a rip-off. If you buy them in a set of 4, they are $3.49 each ($13.95 for 4). If you buy them separately, they are $3.95 each. On top of that, they are only half filled, and we're talking about those tiny glass vials. That is almost $4 for 0.5ml (~$8 per ml).
If you buy a bottle, 1/2 oz is $16.95 ($0.88 per ml) and 1/3 oz. is $13.95 ($0.72 per ml). So buying bigger bottles is a much better deal!

Anyway, I had a 25% off coupon, so my grand total for everything was $52.24, which makes $4.02 per item...

1. VERBENA MOON (1/2 oz.)
An herbal green, yet slightly sweet fragrance with a hint of apple and dark fig made with careful blending of essential oils of lemon verbena, chamomile, jasmine, ylang ylang, coffee, fig extract, infused with hand ground lemon verbena leaves, real figs, ground coffee and coconut flakes.

THOUGHTS: A hint of citrus but not tart, coffee but not super strong. Sweet but not sugary, and herbal but not medicinal. Just very, very pleasant. Has a longevity of about 6-10 hours, but it's not very strong. I slathered myself like crazy and I could still only catch a whiff of it if I really shove my nose in my wrist. I like this a lot, but I wish it were stronger. Not sure if it's just me, since I have a common trend of thinking things smell weak when I'm actually nasally assaulting everyone around me.

Divine chocolate alchemy at its finest, made by way of oil infusion with the natural chocolate scent of pure cocoa absolute, cocoa butter, essential oils in cardamom, sandalwood and vanilla, infused with cardamom seed and a touch of hand ground coffee.

THOUGHTS: This was one of the first chocolate perfumes I ever saw. I finally have it. Smells like chocolate with a touch of spice from the cardamom. Yummy.

3. QUILL & CANDLE (sample)
Sweet yet wooded notes of smokey intrigue with undertones of exotic spice and fruit. A blend of clove, cardamom, black pepper and ginger essentials. Infused with a touch of rose absolute, apricot extract, coconut flakes, pepper corns, clove buds and real apricot fruit.

THOUGHTS: I get the smell of  geranium flowers, followed by tobacco and finally drying down to a soft, sweet & powdery rose. That's strange since there is neither geranium nor tobacco in this perfume... I really like the rose at the end, but it's not enough to make me want a bigger bottle.

A wild and smokey yet slightly earthy blend of ginger, tobacco, and hints of a floral combination reminiscent to that of lilacs. Made with balsam peru resin, absolutes in tobacco, vanilla, honeysuckle, essential oils in ginger, fennel, jasmine, and infused with ground ginger, fennel seeds, vanilla bean and tobacco leaves.

THOUGHTS: Omg. This smells fricken DELICIOUS. It reminds me of a warm, gooey caramel cake or something. There is definitely  vanilla in there. I'm not sure if I can identify anything else. Haha. I just know it smells GOOOOOD.

5. PAVO REAL (sample)
A regal and mysterious fragrance that embodies the beauty of the peacock with a sweet yet confident and sultry essence. A blend created with natural strawberry isolates, jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, orris root absolutes, essential oils in orange blossom, vetiver, patchouli, bergamot, clove and coriander, delicately infused with real strawberry fruit, patchouli leaves, orange peels and rose petals. 

THOUGHTS: A warm and sweet fruity blend. The fruits are more like jam/preserves or dried fruits rather than fresh fruits. I can't pick apart the notes, but this smells DELICIOUS.

6. ALMA GITANA (sample)
A complex fragrance that embodies the gypsy spirit in a daring and bold scent of ancient resins, dark fruit and exotic florals with notes of tobacco smoke. Created with jasmine, tobacco and vanilla absolutes, plum extract, essential oils of bergamot, cinnamon, patchouli, black pepper, and tuberose with resins of myrrh and amber infused with plum fruit, cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, tobacco and patchouli leaves.

THOUGHTS: A sweet and tasty vanilla'd jasmine. Even though it smells like jasmine, something about it makes me hungry. The sweetness reminds me of fruit in general but not a specific fruit, and there is a touch of tobacco. I like it!

7. MIDNIGHT ALCHEMY (free sample)
A dark resin alchemy blend created from dragons blood and amber resin, essential oils in patchouli, lemon, orange, a touch of cassia spice, rosemary and almond extract, infused with patchouli leaves, rosemary herb, orange peels and elderberries.

THOUGHTS: ALMONDS. Then something plasticky. I don't like it.

8. RAVEN SPELLS (free sample)
Captured is a bit of raven mystery in a special blend of dark violet floral spice and berries with essential oils of sensual sweet sandalwood, cassia, frankincense and orris root, violet leaf absolute, infused with blackberry fruit extract, dragons blood resin, orris root, real blueberries and apples.

THOUGHTS: I smell faint fruits and dry, dusty wood. It's nice, but I wish the fruits were the main focal point of the smell. I smell more dusty, waxy wood than anything else.

9. BLACK VELVET (sample)

Dark and sweet seductive scent of mystic resins and florals uniquely blended with black tea, dark cocoa and subtle notes of woodland magick. A blend created with cocoa, labdanum, jasmine and champa flower absolutes, essential oils in vetiver, amyris, black pepper, clove, ambrette seed, black tea extract infused in black tea leaves, ground pepper corns and dark cocoa powder.

THOUGHTS: Very soft tea and jasmine. That's all I get though.

10. LA MARIPOSA (sample)
A perfume ode to springtime, new beginnings,change and butterflies in the meadow. A blend of delicate florals, a hint of green grass and sweet nectar. A beautiful blend of blue lotus and vanilla absolute, labdanum resin, essential oils in basil and grapefruit infused with grapefruit peels, basil leaves, vanilla beans and blue lotus petals.

THOUGHTS: A sweet and soft citrus, like freshly squeezed, ripe oranges without the sharp tartness. There is a touch of basil and a tiny hint of floral, but it's mainly a sweet citrus. It settles down into vanilla after an hour or two. It doesn't seem very long-lasting nor does it have good throw, but I really like this.

11. THE EVENING STARS (sample)
A fragrance to relax and unwind to in a special blend of floral and earthy fruit in a mix of essential oils of ylang ylang, anise, sandalwood, honeysuckle absolute, infused with amber resin, pineapple, coconut, tarragon leaves.

THOUGHTS: Heavy white florals. Reminds me of Psyche from Midnight Gypsy. I don't see a change from application to fading. I don't like it.

12. THE OWL MOON (sample)
A fragrance to invoke a bit of owl and moon magick in a wooded earth scent with hints of smokey vanilla undertones. Created with cedarwood, clary sage, hint of lavender, ylang ylang, and benzoin essential oils delicately infused with vanilla absolute, amber resin, vanilla beans, cedarwood flakes, and lavender buds.

THOUGHTS: Right off the bat: dusty wood and crayons. Gets a little softer, but doesn't change. I don't like it.

13. SEASON OF THE WITCH (free sample)
A dark spiced potion with wooded notes that give way to a haunting incense fragrance. A special blend in honor of the season and the witch in all of us. Created with coriander, rose, cinnamon, lavender, frankincense, patchouli and black pepper essential oils, infused with golden amber resin, apples, patchouli leaves, pepper corns, rose petals and lavender buds.

THOUGHTS: It's a deep but fruity scent. Quickly after applying, some woody or herbal stuff comes out. I was expecting it to be more "witchy" but it's actually quite sweet and pleasant.

Overall, I like the majority of the smells that I got. One trend that I noticed is that they are not very long-lasting nor strong. That might be something to note. I might have to get a bigger bottle of Mandrake Garden, La Mariposa, Alma Gitana, and Pavo Real after I finish things...

Bottom line: I will be back.

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