Perfume Review: Wild Hybrid

Note: This was imported from my tumblr. It was written more than a year ago.

Wild Hybrid

A perfume company (also makes soaps and jewelry) based in New Zealand! Woohoo international business!

Wild Hybrid

This company has a HUGE selection of perfumes, so out of laziness, I just messaged the owner for suggestions. He gave me a pretty big list, and I went from that to make my first order.

Bought - 3/15/2013
Shipped - 3/22/2013
Received - 4/15/2013

For ~$34 USD (quite pricey due to the international shipping... my wallet cries at my spending choices. I now understand how it is for people in Europe or Australia to buy perfume from the US. I feel you.), I got:

Wild Hybrid

Wild Hybrid

Wild Hybrid

I bought a big bottle, 5 samples, and 3 free samples.

Wild Hybrid Cardiac Arrest

1. CARDIAC ARREST (full) - Four vanillas, white and brown sugars, butterscotch, caramel, honey, coconut, dark roasted coffee, red wine and pipe tobacco.

THOUGHTS: First whiff, I think of my organic blueberry rooibos tea, which has an amazing smell that I wish were available in perfume form (lucky me! Cardiac Arrest smells like it!). I was completely surprised and was not expecting that at all. Plain rooibos tea smells like very fragrant, dried tobacco, and the addition of dried blueberries somehow gives it a toasty, deep and sweet caramel smell as well. Cardiac arrest is basically that plus some. It smells like fragrant tobacco, toasted/burnt sugar and caramel, vanilla, and a little bit of something tart (maybe the red wine). It's a sweet but not toothache-inducing sweet fragrance. Kind of hard to explain. I really like it. I'm so glad I bought it as a big bottle.

Wild Hybrid Plunder

2. PLUNDER (sample) - A treasure trove of plundered goods: aromatic spices, fine leather, coveted woods, aged wine, precious ambergris, golden honey, caramel and sugar, apple, amber and the rarest of animal musks with a tinge of gunpowder.

THOUGHTS: Apples, wood, some floral notes... it's very pleasant.

Wild Hybrid Illicit

3. ILLICIT (sample) - Brown sugar, two vanillas, spicy ginger, rich red carnations and a drop of dark and smoky patchouli.

THOUGHTS: Peaches. Interesting.

Wild Hybrid Cafe Rendezvous

4. CAFE RENDEZVOUS (sample) - Rich chocolate brownies, spiced coffee with cream and coffee-stained blonde wood.

THOUGHTS: I'm so confused with this one. One roommate says chocolate, the other says caramel, but I smell dried fish or shredded fish with fish sauce.

Wild Hybrid Dormouse

5. DORMOUSE (sample) - Tea-soaked fur, caramel cakes with a thin smear of butter, toast crumbs and pink pepper.

THOUGHTS: First of all, LOOK AT THE COLOR OF THE JUICE. Scary. Anyway, tea and A LOT of pepper. It's almost fully pepper. It kinda warms my skin too. After a while, it settles down into a light caramel and bread. At this point, I have Plunder, Illicit, Cafe Rendezvous, AND Dormouse all on different spots on my arm, and my whole arm smells good, so it's all good to go. xD

Wild Hybrid Brain Matter

6. BRAIN MATTER (sample) - Vanilla syrup and white peach flesh.

THOUGHTS: Fresh peach. It smells almost floral, but mainly fresh peaches, like actually cutting into a just ripened peach.

Wild Hybrid The Pumpkin King

7. THE PUMPKIN KING (free sample) - Pumpkin, cracked leather, campfire smoke, sticky resins, toffee, dark musk, bay rum, pungent herbs, dried ginger and tobacco absolute.

THOUGHTS: I requested a free sample of this because the description reminded me so much of my beloved Horseman (yes, again...). Once again, it smells nothing like Horseman, but damn, this smells pretty good. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it. It smells like unsweetened pumpkin spice, dried ginger (ginger that isn't sharp or piercing), and something dark and earthy in the back. I'm guessing I'm also smelling the bay rum because there's a masculine touch in there that reminds me of men's shaving/shower products.

Wild Hybrid Banana Boat

8. BANANA BOAT (free sample) - Ripe banana and spices in a simple wooden boat.

THOUGHTS: Exactly like the description, except instead of spices I get fresh green herbs instead. The herbs overpower everything else after a while though, so I'm a bit bummed because I liked the banana smell.

Wild Hybrid Twisted Sister

9. TWISTED SISTER (free sample) - Vanilla, thick leather, orchid, carnation, honey and musk

THOUGHTS: Burst of orchid or carnation (I'm guessing that's what it is, since I don't think it's any of the other smells) with some powder (reminds me of old-fashioned perfumes/old lady perfumes). Pleasant.

Anyway, I pretty much am satisfied with all of them except for Cafe Rendezvous. Also, I wanted to bring up something else that is interesting. Do you see the white sealing "tape" around the top of the sample? (Pic below.) It stretches like gum, and shreds like really thin paper... and it's FRICKEN HARD TO REMOVE. But it does a really good job at keeping the vials intact.



I had to cut them with a craft knife to remove them faster.

Weird-ass material that looks like tape and behaves like gum. Kinda.


Anyway, I like Wild Hybrid. I might come back for something else, but the shipping cost I'm a little wary about.


  1. Hey, thanks for the review
    Ross (Wild Hybrid)

  2. You are not supposed to yank at the tape. You will never get it out that way. If you look at the first picture of the taped sample, you can see the ends of the white tape. You are supposed to gently peel that away by rubbing at it (in the opposite direction). That lifts up the end so you can just peel it off easily. That is how I remove tapes of samples. Very easy to do.

    1. Haha yeah, I figured it out later. D'oh!


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