Perfume Reviews for Alkemia, Darling Clandestine, Deep Midnight, & BPAL as Told By My Boyfriend

I'm always telling my man to smell my perfumes and to give me his opinion. He's been telling me that he actually enjoys smelling my perfumes, so I've asked him to give a "formal review" on several scents that I had on hand. Here's what he said!

Deep Midnight "Sweet Calavera"
Sweet sugars spun round with haunting Spanish moss, a very deep vanilla accord, drops of sensual patchouli, and background notes of fig, greens, and clove. A dark and delicious treat!
HIM: "You know what? This smells like a wet dog. I used to have a sharpei and it just smelled SO bad because of all his wrinkles, and everytime I gave him a bath he just smelled... yeah, it smells like that."

Deep Midnight "The Halfling's Party"
Freshly buttered bread, harvest apples baked into a caramel tart, rum, red wine (for the wizard), and a light citrus with background notes of old polished wood, sweet tobacco leaf, and a dusting of oak wood roaring in a welcoming hearth...makes for a fine, comforting, gourmand scent that tips to the feminine side of the scale but can certainly be enjoyed by both sexes.
HIM: "This smells like chocolate liqueur."

Darling Clandestine "Blue Valentine"
A moody bouquet of hyacinth and violet and poppies and figs, washed down with shots of real whiskey and bitters and delicate musks and mint. Very potent, very heady.
HIM: "This just smells like... perfume."

BPAL "Lovers in the Tea House"
Sake and matcha tea with amber incense, golden sandalwood, and yōkan.
HIM: "This smells like a really gross, artificially-flavored pineapple candy."

Alkemia "Affaire de Coeur"
A flirtatiously feminine enchantment of sugared white musk, creamy Madagascar vanilla, white sandalwood, tonka bean, white amber, and pale sugar cane. Sweetly intoxicating...
HIM: "This smells like chocolate and cream... and like chocolate liqueur."

Alkemia "Antares"
Queen of the Night, Dried Wild Roses, Mandarin, Nicotania, Oakmosses, Cactus, Juniper, Acacia buds, Fir Resin, Clary Sage, Cedar Needles, Labdanum, Guaiac Wood, Germander, and White Patchouli lightly bathed in dewy Water Musk.
HIM: "Hmmm.... mmm. This just kinda has a cologne thing going on..."

Alkemia "Carmen 7"
An indecent proposal of succulently spiced pear, exotic lychees, decadent french pralines, bourbon vanilla, and crushed almond blossoms leads to a ménage à trois of gardenia, star jasmine, and magnolia illuminated by the afterglow of a sensuously musky amber.
HIM: "This smells almost like my deodorant. Yeah, this also has a cologne thing going on." (He wears Old Spice.)


I think he didn't do too badly. Lol!

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