A few Fyrinnae Shadows and their Possible Dupes - Swatches!

I've been meaning to do a side by side swatch comparison of some of Fyrinnae's shadows and some of their possible dupes from other indie companies. I know a lot of people rag on Fyrinnae for their "shitty" customer service, so a lot of people are always asking for dupes.

Most recently, there was another twitter fiasco and a bunch of people are saying they'll never shop again (see bottom of this post if you want to read my opinion; it's in white text), so hopefully these photos will be useful!

FIRST OF ALL, I pressed all of my Darling Girl Shadows recently and totally fucked up. D:
Next thing, as usual, upper half of swatch is over Darling Girl's Primped & Primed and bottom half is over bare skin. Applied with a $1 ELF brush.


I've swatched it next to Hello Waffle's Fey/Magic Hair and Darling Girl's Positively Peachy. Magic Hair is much less pink and looks almost like a rosy champagne gold. Positively Peachy got royally fucked up in my pressing process so it has lost a lot of its pink hue, so this is not accurate at all, but I thought I'd swatch it anyway for completion. A very accurate swatch of Positively Peachy before pressing can be found HERE. From that, Positively Peachy is just a touch more orange-tinged in the base color than Rapunzel Had Extensions. Rapunzel Had Extensions is the most pigmented, the most pink, and the "creamiest" (least powdery) in texture. I bought it before it was reformulated.


First of all, I never fell into the Serendipity/Te Amo love. I was actually pretty unimpressed with the color when I bought it from Fyrinnae. I was disappointed because so many people were citing it as their favorite neutral-with-a-kick shadow and how it was soooo amazing and glowing, etc.

I've swatched it next to DG's Frankenstein, Beast, and Hot Rocks. Beast is probably the closest dupe, but all three of those would give you the same effect/look.

Next is this group. Contains DG's The Count and Fyrinnae's Faerie Flamour and Cuddle Fish (I just realized that I mislabeled it. Damn). The Count is a little more subdued than the rest. Faerie Glamour contains the most teal shimmer. Cuddle Fish is more purple.

 And here are DG's Persuasion and Fyrinnae's Meerkat. Persuasion is lighter and cooler and contains more glitter. Persuasion's glitter is also less gold and leans towards silver. Meerkat has more gold glitter/sheen.

Finally, I was gonna swatch Mephisto, DG Blue Flame, and DG London Calling, but because I fucked the shit out of my DG shadows during pressing, this picture is horrendously unhelpful and inaccurate but I'll post it anyway. Also, for some reason, my Mephisto doesn't have shimmer anymore and now has a ton of blue compared to THIS LAST SWATCH. My pressed Blue Flame completely lost all its blueness, so now it's just red. London Calling hasn't changed much. CLICK HERE for accurate swatches of Blue Flame and London Calling.


Top to Bottom: London Calling, fucked up Blue Flame, fucked up Mephisto

Okay. This completes this very small comparison post. If you want to read my opinion about the Fyrinnae and its customer service, you can move forward. 

Otherwise, close this window now because my opinion is probably unpopular and a bit offensive to some.

<<<< I'M SERIOUS! >>>>

Okay. If you made it to here, then be prepared to be possibly offended. I apologize to anyone who I might possibly offend. These are all my own opinions and I understand that not everyone will agree with me at all. We all have differing opinions which reflect our values and beliefs about how businesses should be run, and for some things that aren't important to me, I realize that they are important to others. I intended on not participating on the discussion to avoid drama, but I guess I really needed to get a lot of things off my chest, so I'll post here.

My opinion on Fyrinnae's customer service as a whole:

I've only had one issue with Fyrinnae ever, and that was with my most recent order. They switched mine with someone else's on accident. I emailed them and they answered me the next day and sent out my actual order the day after that. Everything was fine and dandy. I contacted them again a few days ago to ask why my tracking number hadn't updated, and they answered the same day to say that USPS is fairly inconsistent but they believe my package will arrive on time. It did.

I've always gotten my packages shipped within 4-5 days after ordering. They've never fucked up any of my orders except for the most recent one. They always write a little hand-written "Thank you!" on my invoices, my orders are always wrapped carefully in cellophane, paper, AND a piece of cardboard, and I always get a free sample. 

They never have sales so that people don't have to put on their hoarding caps and go to town or do a mad dash to buy a shit-ton of stuff. They don't have limited edition anything for the same reason as not having sales. They have affordable prices, a huge amount of product even in minis, and their shit is HIGH QUALITY STUFF. Basically, TO ME, they are quick, responsive, attentive to detail, looking out for our wallets AND our stress levels with the lack of sales and LE stuff, and they make amazing shit. Thus, my rating of their customer service is A+. Simple.

My opinion on Fyrinnae's twitter, shitty site, and other issues:

I'm not a user of twitter so really, I never really see the tweets that people talk about unless I go on reddit and find screenshots of it. Nonetheless,  I couldn't give less of a fuck about it. I completely understand both sides.

On the customer side, I do realize a lot of people just want to get their products, pay, and be on their merry way and expect decent politeness and gratitude from the shop owners. I completely understand that and want that as well. Thus, for someone who is simply trying to buy something and move along, it's pretty much a huge pain in the fucking ass to see a huge-ass TAT, to have a site continuously empty your cart or to check back on a site and see it's closed. It sucks. Also, for anyone who gets ignored by email, that fucking sucks too. Snarky and curt responses also suck. I'd be pissed as shit, and if I were directly dealt that kind of attitude, I'd just peace out and tell them to fuck themselves while I spend money on a different shop. End of story.

The long-ass TAT - There's a fricken link on the TAT statement. Click it and read it. It's not there for shits and gigs. I was definitely curious enough to click on it, and I read the explanation about the TAT, so I'm never mad about seeing a huge-ass TAT. Funnily, Fyrinnae has one of the fastest TATs in the indie world, so why is everyone all up in their panties and complaining about their TAT?

The cart emptying - Okay, I admit this one is annoying. I've only encountered it once in all my time shopping at Fyrinnae, but I was definitely confused and thinking, "JUST TAKE MY MONEY GODDAMNIT." However, when I encountered this cart thing, I had been exposed to their website closings a few times before, and I just figured that maybe we weren't allowed to buy, so I WASN'T ANGRY. I can definitely live without buying stuff right away, so I just exited the window and came back another day. Communication definitely could be used in this case. If they were to put a notice on the front page, everything would be fine, but because they lack communication, it pisses people off. I understand. However, if you do a bit of digging around on their site, on their Contact page, they have this:
If you cannot log in/stay logged in or add to the basket, sessions are purposely off while the store is closed for a while.
I imagine that a lot of people will probably want to contact them if their carts keep emptying, so they'll end up clicking on the contact page and see this. It's a shitty way of communicating something, but it's there (albeit in a very obscure and indirect way).

The closed website - They do this unexpectedly without warning and they do it kind of often, but I don't really run into it that much and it doesn't bother me. If I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted something, I can understand being pissed as shit about not being able to access the website. Honestly, I would prefer that they just disable their cart and put a notice on the front page rather than completely shut down their site because I like to browse their catalogue. Then again, as previously mentioned, it doesn't bother me.

Being ignored by email - This is Fyrinnae's fault and unacceptable in my standards. Luckily, it's never happened to me, so I have nothing else to say to this.

Snarky comments on twitter or wherever else - I've only seen screenshots, but I'd say Fyrinnae is at fault. That's unprofessional of them as a business.

However, for Fyrinnae, maybe they really just don't want to tell anyone about their personal problems. They definitely could've said SOMETHING to inform people of their closures and cart disabling, but by now we all know they're not good at communicating, so why does everyone (who is against Fyrinnae) still insist on talking shit wherever and whenever possible? LIKE COME ON. LET IT GO. How many more times do we all need to hear about some shit Fyrinnae did or said? If you don't like them, don't buy from them and just stop bringing up more issues to add to the already-huge drama fest that surrounds Fyrinnae.

I see so many other places get off the hook for doing MUCH MORE SERIOUS THINGS than just not communicating/closing down. I've seen stealing, not shipping, disappearing owners, and all kinds of other shit that goes on and tons of people forgiving or defending cases like that simply because the owners put on the friendly guise of having good customer service.

PR is definitely important, but if all we're doing is judging companies on how they interact with people and even letting some people go easy SIMPLY BECAUSE they have good PR, we ALL need to seriously think over what it means to run a business. PR is important, but in the end, TO ME, what matters is the product.

I sometimes feel pretty sympathetic to Fyrinnae's case. If I were them and all day I'm just getting shit on by people because my site is down due to health problems and stuff that I didn't want to disclose (because, you know, maybe I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY HEALTH PROBLEMS), I'd probably make some angry tweets just to further piss off people for kicks too.

Okay, I've definitely gotten rambly in this post, but in short,

  • Fyrinnae needs to GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER be better at communicating and be more professional in how they carry themselves across social media.
  • People need to calm the fuck down. There are multiple ways to look at things, and if you think about what the other side is possibly thinking, maybe in the end things really aren't all that dramatic nor worth getting angry about.
I apologize to everyone who found this offensive. These are just my opinions.

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