Current Indie Perfume Stash!

My entire makeup and perfume collection has inflated and deflated over the years, but at this point it has reached a plateau (there can only be so many things that I want before I purchase them all...). Anyway, today's post will be to show-off/display my indie perfume stash.

Even with my current number of indie perfumes, note that I've sold off around 20 bottles, 10 solids, and hundreds of sample vials over the years as well. And all of this just basically proves that I'm insane. Done.

Without further ado, here are some pictures!

First is an image of how I store my makeup and perfume. I don't have a vanity or any fancy storage containers. These little shelves in a corner of my room used to be for school and craft supplies, but eventually a few of the shelves got replaced with perfume and makeup instead.

The shelves are labeled according to what I store.

On the perfume shelf, the pink box on the left contains samples, decants, and DC bitsies, so basically non-fullsized stuff. In the metal box, there are non-DC full bottles. In the clear plastic box, all of my DC full bottles. Behind the metal and plastic box (not quite visible) contains all of my DC solids and body balms. The blue plastic box on the right has miscellaneous makeup and sponges.

I won't go into what's on the other shelves because I took this picture when I was playing with my stuff (so it's incomplete and doesn't picture everything). I labeled the image accordingly though.


Here are all of my perfume containers pulled out. Left to right:

  • Pink Box - non-fullbottles (actually I just noticed that I have a few Midnight Gypsy Alchemy and Sarawen bottles stashed there; this means I ran out of space elsewhere and I need to stop buying more perfumes/buy more containers)
  • Metal Box - non-DC full bottles
  • Plastic Box - All full DC bottles
  • Cardboard Box - All DC solids and body balms

All of the boxes.

Took out all my DC...

First off, I'll show you my DC collection because it's my favorite shop and most of my stuff is from there. There are 3 body balms, 19 solids, 27 bottles, 5 bitsies, and 9 rollerballs that I bought and decanted some scents into. Not pictured: approx. 15 full bottles and solids I've sold, and my 6-9 lip balms that I put somewhere in my room...


Here's my non-DC collection. Much smaller because most of the other shops I've tried have a smaller success rate than DC for me.

Top Row - Deep Midnight Perfumes (blue long bottles), Sugar & Spite/The Morbid The Merrier (small square bottles), Midnight Gypsy (the two round chubby bottles), Alkemia (gold labels), BPAL (just one bottle), Blooddrop (just one), Wild Hybrid (transferred into a rollerball), and Boondock G (transferred into a rollerball)

Bottom Row - Arcana (tan labels), Sarawen (the two square bottles and two rollerballs), Midnight Gypsy Alchemy (big square bottles)

Non-DC Bottles

Aaaannnnd here are all the bottles together.

All the bottles!

Pictured below are the samples I still have. I tend to give away or sell samples. If I don't like them, obviously I don't want them with me anymore, and if I DO like them and want to buy a full bottle, I don't see the point in keeping a sample when I'm already set on buying more. Samples that I still have on me are usually scents that I'm still undecided on and need to try further.

Samples. Forgot to crop off the row of bottles. :O

Finally, here's a picture of everything together.

All the things!

I'm pretty happy with everything that I have in my perfume collection. I've gotten rid of everything I dislike, so it's nice to have a stash in which anything I reach for is something I love.

I hope you enjoyed this post! :P

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