Perfume Review: Sugar & Spite Bathery

Okay, so my first indie perfume company was The Morbid The Merrier. I fell in love with many of the scents that I ordered, and I became a rabid fangirl. Much to my dismay, the shop closed down due to financial problems. However, more recently, Lysa the owner reopened as Sugar & Spite Bathery. She's slowly bringing back some popular scents from her TMTM line, and I just had to buy some samples of the ones I've never tried! (And you bet I'll be buying full bottles of the ones I DID try and loved, once they come back.)

Samples are 3 vials for $10. Pretty reasonable! Lysa got my package out super quick. I can't quite remember but it was probably less than a week between the time I ordered and the time the package arrived at my place. Then again, her city is pretty close to mine, so that may have been a huge part of the speedy shipping. Her processing time is like 1 day though!

Lovely wrapping!

Vials were securely bubble-wrapped.
All the sample vials leaked terribly. :(

When I opened the package, there was perfume oil everywhere. Most of the vials had leaked and the labels had smeared all over the place. The vials were all half-empty. I sent a message to Lysa about the leakage, and she apologized and sent me a replacement package very shortly after. Amazing customer service!

This time, the vials were secured with tape.

All of the vials next to each other.
Anyway, on to the reviews! I realized a little later that my sample choices were very leather heavy, which is perfectly fine with me. :D

Citrus and vanilla-wood are supported by a base of black, smoky leather.
THOUGHTS: Bitter citrus rinds with a touch of woodiness and a very mellow leather that just compliments the whole blend.

Curiously sweet and dark. Tobacco leaf, a trio of rich musks, new mown hay, and a drizzle of creamy vanilla bourbon.
THOUGHTS: Vanilla tobacco which dries down to something that smells like caramel. UNF.

Mile-high leather pumps, skin tight wool pencil skirt, stacks of filing paper, steaming black coffee, a mahogany desk and a hint of musky perfume.
THOUGHTS: Leather and coffee with a touch of wood and musk. At this point, I've decided that Lysa has THE BEST leather note ever. It's just so good.

A little Eden, a little de Sade. Leather, juicy red apple, a serpent slither of pepper and spice, green grass, and sweat.
THOUGHTS: A tiny burst of leather then immediately I'm hit with a sweet, juicy apple. It almost has a bit of a floral quality to it (perhaps from the grass or something?). After an hour, the leather comes back and it's just this cozy leathery apple scent. Yum.


Blood red ripe fruit made bitter by layers of black--tea, pepper, and amber--wrapped snugly over a heart of oily, glossy leather.

THOUGHTS: This had a burst of plasticky apples and then pure leather and nothing else. I like Lysa's leather note, but I want it to be complemented by other things. I had a lot of hopes for this one, so I'm disappointed. If I wanted a leather perfume, I would just use any of the other blends that have leather in it... so meh.

Leather arm chair, starched white cotton shirt, dusty books, a memory of sweet pipe smoke and a faint whiff of brandy kept hidden in a desk drawer.
THOUGHTS: Old books and paper, a little smoke, some powder, and leather. This is strangely comforting, like sitting on the lap of a grandpa while he reads you an old leather-bound book.


LEOPOLD (free sample; I forgot to take a picture)
 A sweet blend of vanilla bean, amber, musk, and white pepper.
THOUGHTS: I actually already own a full bottle of Leopold from when I first discovered S&S (before realizing that it was owned by Lysa). It's a pretty simple peppery vanilla musk which leans a little masculine because it has a cologne vibe to it. Of course I wear it anyway. It's gooooood.

Overall, I like almost every single sample I got. I already bought a full bottle of Miss Fortune during a buy 2 get 1 full bottle sale, so look out for that post soon!

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