Swatches of most of Fyrinnae's Blushes!

After getting Enchanted and Nordic Angel (swatches and stuff can be seen here), I kinda got too excited and decided I'd get all of the blushes except for Enrapture (I owned Enrapture a few years ago and sold it off because it was too pigmented and hard to deal with).

Fyrinnae's blushes are pigmented, soft, and blendable. I really dig them. :D

Swatches after the cut!

All swatches taken in natural lighting when the sun was started to set, so the lighting leans a bit blue. I tried to color correct it to make it more accurate. The following picture right below this is pretty accurate.

Fyrinnae Blushes!

Fyrinnae Blushes L to R: Temptation, Bewitching, Seduce

Fyrinnae Temptation

Fyrinnae Bewitching

Fyrinnae Seduce

Seduce (above) and Mesmerize (below) look very similar in these images, but Mesmerize is a lot warmer than Seduce in person. See the jar pictures at the top to see the difference.

Fyrinnae Mesmerize and Charm

Fyrinnae Mesmerize

Fyrinnae Charm

Fyrinnae Blushes L to R: Captivate, Mystify, Spellbound

Fyrinnae Captivate

Fyrinnae Mystify

Fyrinnae Spellbound

Reposted photos from my previous blogs for Nordic Angel, Enchant, Temptation, Mesmerize, and Seduce. These are really accurate because I took them in good lighting.

All of these are very wearable, either sheerly as the main cheek color or a little darker as a contour color. No face swatches since I haven't had the time, but maybe I'll edit this post later to add them in.

Now go off and adorn thy cheeks. ;D

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