Makeup Review: Dreamworld Hermetica Blushes

I heard a few good things about Dreamworld Hermetica, so I bought 3 blushes during a sale a while back. I'm actually incredibly late with this, so this is gonna be a quick and short review.


DIATRIBE: I fucking hate dropper caps.

The name of this blog was imported from my original blog, a tumblr. I created that tumblr as a means for my angry outbursts. I have a hot temper, and a lot of things piss me off. Most of the time, nobody really wants to listen to my cussing, so my diatribe tumblr was born.
diatribe (n.) - a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.
It eventually morphed into a perfume review blog because I somehow ended up writing more about things that make me happy rather than things that piss me off. When I made the switch to blogger, I kept the name and the subject matter--indie perfume and makeup--but ever since the creation of these blogs, I really haven't talked shit about anything. Here is the first post that will tap back into my original reason for blogging--TALKING SHIT--all while still being related to my current content, indie products.