Perfume Review: Miscellaneous Arcana Scents

During The Soap Box Company's Veterans Day sale, I decided to pick up a bunch of Arcana samples because they (the sample size option; not the scents themselves) are going to be discontinued soon (not like it really matters because I always buy Arcana scents completely blind and as full bottles...). I was buying a bunch of other things (Villainess and Arcana mud masks. Reviews coming soon!), but I also wanted to try some new Arcana smells I've been eyeing, so for the first time ever, I bought Arcana samples. HAHAHA. I bought five of them and received Gloom as a freebie with my order.

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Perfume Review: RIPE Shop First Impressions

I saw RIPE Shop a while back while lurking Etsy (as I always do), and although the photography and brand aesthetics are beautiful, the products never really intrigued me. They carry a lot of simple, linear perfumes (1-3 note blends), lip balms, and a bunch of other bath & body items, which are all things that don't appeal all that much to me. However, I discovered a 14% off sale while I was on /r/indiemakeupandmore, and you know how I do with sales...

Bought - 5/8/2014
Shipped - 5/14/2014
Received - 5/19/2014

I bought three perfumes. They usually run for $10.50 each, and they come in 10ml rollerball bottles.

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Perfume Review: One Hand Washes The Other Apple Scents

Lately, if you've been reading my posts, I've been kinda obsessed with all things apple. I asked for apple perfume suggestions on /r/IndieMakeupAndMore a while ago, and some of the big apple perfume connoisseurs (/u/swimmingmonkey and /u/more_tea_wesley) suggested some OHWTO scents. I can't remember which one said what, but whatever HERE'S A POST ON OHWTO AND THREE OF THEIR APPLE SCENTS. All of these can be purchased at OHWTO's etsy store.

Bought - 10/8/2014
Shipped - 10/29/2014
Received - 11/1/2014

The TAT is kind of hard to bear for some (my past self definitely complained about the TAT; I once swore off buying from OHWTO because I was incredibly underwhelmed and the TAT was also too long for me). However, lately I've been very patient with packages because I don't really need anything urgently anymore, so now I don't mind.

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Perfume Review: Alchimia Apothecary Choose Your Own Adventure Blends

Sometimes a scent gets discontinued. Whatcha gonna do? Sometimes you've been looking around forever for a specific scent, and it's nowhere to be found. WHAT DO YOU DO? Luckily for many people, including me, there are some shops that offer custom blends. One of them is Alchimia Apothecary.

I've ordered from Alchimia Apothecary 3 times now, and all three times were to buy custom-blended perfumes, called "Choose Your Own Adventure"(s). My first order ever was to make a maple bacon vanilla ice cream scent for my friend. I don't have that one anymore, but I do remember that it smelled like maple bacon and vanilla. Win. I bought two more CYOAs my second order and five more for my most recent order. Here are my thoughts on those seven.


Updated Perfume Bottle Stash as of Nov. 11, 2014

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've done an inventory count. I do one periodically just to remind myself of how much shit I have to use up to discourage myself from buying more (the effect typically lasts about 2 weeks) and also to shop my stash and rediscover old favorites.

I started off doing today's stash update thinking that I'm just gonna photograph my Arcana collection. Then I just decided to photograph the rest as well since I had a day off and there was decent lighting in my room.

Hope you all enjoy my massive display of consumerism and lack of self-control. In my defense, this collection was a work in progress starting in 2011, and I've gotten rid of many scents that I don't like so that I now just have a streamlined collection of stuff I actually love and use regularly.

This post shows what my stash was like back in May 2014 (five months ago). I have bought and sold a whole ton of bottles since then, but my storage setup has stayed the same in exception of a couple of boxes I switched out for better quality plastic containers.

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Review: Arcana Hieronymus Bosch's "The Seven Deadly Sins and The Four Last Things" Perfume Collection

A little while ago, Arcana Soaps, one of my favorite perfume companies ever, released a collection exlcusive to The Soap Box Co. inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's painting called "The Seven Deadly Sins and The Last Four Things." I'm not familiar with the painter nor the painting, but most of the descriptions for the perfumes intrigued me. So what did I do? Bought almost all of them unsniffed in full bottles. Oh yes. I bought seven of the bottles from The Soap Box Co., and I bought one last super rare, super limited bottle from Arcana's own ebay shop.

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