Perfume Review: One Hand Washes The Other Apple Scents

Lately, if you've been reading my posts, I've been kinda obsessed with all things apple. I asked for apple perfume suggestions on /r/IndieMakeupAndMore a while ago, and some of the big apple perfume connoisseurs (/u/swimmingmonkey and /u/more_tea_wesley) suggested some OHWTO scents. I can't remember which one said what, but whatever HERE'S A POST ON OHWTO AND THREE OF THEIR APPLE SCENTS. All of these can be purchased at OHWTO's etsy store.

Bought - 10/8/2014
Shipped - 10/29/2014
Received - 11/1/2014

The TAT is kind of hard to bear for some (my past self definitely complained about the TAT; I once swore off buying from OHWTO because I was incredibly underwhelmed and the TAT was also too long for me). However, lately I've been very patient with packages because I don't really need anything urgently anymore, so now I don't mind.

Pictures and reviews after the cut. :D

One Hand Washes The Other "Poison Apple"

Of course, the best-tasting apples are always the ones laced with some kind of deadly toxin. Maybe just a little bite... Tart apples, sugared carnations, and a poison-soaked splinter of wood jammed into the core.
MY THOUGHTS: Out of the three apple scents I bought, I like this one the most. The apples are kinda deep and sweet, more like red apple. I don't really get a tartness out of the apple in this. The sugared carnations adds a nice semi-bitter (but not really) touch to the apple, making it a tiny bit more complex. Carnations kinda smell bitter, musty, and peppery almost to me, so that plus the apple is a very interesting effect. It dries down to a smooth, less-sweetened apple. I don't know why but I really want to drink this. It just smells very smooth and balanced. This lasts about 4 hours on my skin.

One Hand Washes The Other "Bobbing for Apples"

A game traditionally played at Halloween parties, bobbing for apples involves a water-filled tub and apples floating in it, waiting for you to pick them up with your teeth. Fun! Fresh Apples, Apple Skin, Bonfire Smoke, Hay Bales, and Tonka Beans.
MY THOUGHTS: It starts off with a very floral apple scent. It is almost a little too floral for my tastes, but it mellow out a bit afterwards. The apple is tart and light, fluttering above the other smells. It stays like this through the whole wear time, which is about 4 hours.

One Hand Washes The Other "Bitten"

The scent of an apple orchard after a spring rain, key notes are green apple, honey, rain, and just a nip of black pepper to shake things up.
MY THOUGHTS: This is a blue, almost aquatic tart green apple scent with a good dose of black pepper. It's very green as well, making me think of wet leaves in an orchard. The pepper somehow just makes this smell SO good. Strangely, I've gotten into a habit of putting this into my hair after I shower so that I can smell like peppery, green, watery apples all through the next day. On my skin this lasts about 3-4 hours though.

Overall, I love all the scents. APPLE ALL THE THINGS.

P.S. Do you all like my new photographing style lately? (Because I like it.) I realized that putting my item on a monochrome shirt and then instagram-filtering the shit out of it makes them all uniform and pretty. HAHA.

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