Perfume Review: RIPE Shop First Impressions

I saw RIPE Shop a while back while lurking Etsy (as I always do), and although the photography and brand aesthetics are beautiful, the products never really intrigued me. They carry a lot of simple, linear perfumes (1-3 note blends), lip balms, and a bunch of other bath & body items, which are all things that don't appeal all that much to me. However, I discovered a 14% off sale while I was on /r/indiemakeupandmore, and you know how I do with sales...

Bought - 5/8/2014
Shipped - 5/14/2014
Received - 5/19/2014

I bought three perfumes. They usually run for $10.50 each, and they come in 10ml rollerball bottles.

Pictures and stuff after the cut!


The owner of RIPE and I have the same alma mater. :P I love how everything is wrapped and all of the printed materials look incredibly professional.


Some more cards and stuff. SO PRETTY! SO PROFESSIONAL.


Everything is securely and beautifully wrapped.


Bubble wrap around the whole bag and then bubble wrap around each individual bottle too? Damn. I'm impressed.

RIPE Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel
A special request from a customer, this is a blend of buttery, salty popcorn and caramelized brown sugar with a touch of vanilla.
THOUGHTS: This is exactly as described. Buttery, salty popcorn drizzled with caramel!

RIPE Tamarind Ginger Candy

Tamarind Ginger Candy
Tamarind pods come from the Tamarind tree and they have a quietly fruity, pulpy and tangy taste. The scent here is tinged with sweetness, tangy citrus and then it bottoms out with a mellow ginger.
THOUGHTS: This one was incredibly disappointing. Tamarind and ginger are two of my favorite things ever, and this perfume smells nothing like either of them. It smells like soap. Dish-washing soap. It was so soapy that I could actually taste the soapiness when I inhaled deeply. My roommate who is Mexican also loves tamarind (or tamarindo as she calls it) and was pretty excited about this one too. She actually tried it on before me when I was unwrapping all the things, and all she did was sniff, stick out her wrist to me, and say, "It smells like soap."

RIPE Turkish Blackberry Mocha

Turkish Blackberry Mocha
Juicy and tart crushed blackberries with a kiss of sage and a coffee, chocolate and vanilla finish. The scent will evolve over time with the mocha notes coming through first leaving the blackberry fruit and calming sage in the end.
THOUGHTS: This started off with a quick 10-second burst of soapy berries before it became a linear mocha for its whole weartime. It's nice, but since it doesn't change much over time and I don't get any of the other notes, it bores me a bit (which is expected, since I tend to be bored by "simple" scents and stay away from shops that sell them, but I decided to purchase from RIPE anyway). It will be good for layering though.

All of these scents lasted a good 6-9 hours on me, with Turkish Blackberry Mocha being the longest at 9 hours (even then, it still had a hint of it, but I went to take a shower).

Overall, the scents are straightforward (or soapy) and honestly a little too simple and boring for my tastes. The brand aesthetics and the care that is put into their products is very refreshing, and I like that. However, I don't think I would be purchasing again, as I have no interest in anything else they make.

By the way, I have no idea why this post stayed in my drafts for so long.

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