Review: Arcana Hieronymus Bosch's "The Seven Deadly Sins and The Four Last Things" Perfume Collection

A little while ago, Arcana Soaps, one of my favorite perfume companies ever, released a collection exlcusive to The Soap Box Co. inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's painting called "The Seven Deadly Sins and The Last Four Things." I'm not familiar with the painter nor the painting, but most of the descriptions for the perfumes intrigued me. So what did I do? Bought almost all of them unsniffed in full bottles. Oh yes. I bought seven of the bottles from The Soap Box Co., and I bought one last super rare, super limited bottle from Arcana's own ebay shop.

Read on for reviews!

Arcana Accidia

Sloth. Ripened figs, thick vanilla, languid kush smoke, beehive dross, frankincense, bergamot, and citron.

MY THOUGHTS: This starts off with vanilla resins and thick, heavy, slightly sweetened smoke, covered in a layer of faintly floral figs. Eventually a beeswax smell emerges and a touch of frankincense rounds out the scent. A very sludgy, slow, comforting, and heavy scent.

Arcana Invidia

Envy. Green apples and winesap cider with bright Oman olibanum, white amber, pearl musk, and the biggest slice of cake.

MY THOUGHTS: This starts off with very tart, pucker-inducing, sour and crisp hard apple cider. It has a very slightly boozy quality to it that smells exactly like hard apple cider. It fades to more mellow tart apple cakes, and eventually dries down to a soft amber musk.

Arcana Luxuria

Lust. Wild, carnal musk with blond tobacco, vanilla, dark resins, and sugared peach.
MY THOUGHTS: Immediately, it's a delicious, juicy, sugary peach vanilla tobacco. This persists for about 25 minutes before the peach fades and the resins darken the whole thing, making it less sweet and happy and more slinky, sexy, sultry. The resins mingle with a dark musk (maybe red) and stays that way until it fades.

Arcana Gula

Gluttony. For sinners who don't mind being tasted (and possibly nibbled). Boozy caramel and toffee drench layers of rich pastry, velvety skin musk, soft copaiba, and bacon accord.
MY THOUGHTS: BACON SMOKE. HOLY MOLY TONS OF SMOKEY APPLEWOOD BACON. It's so amusing. The smokey bacon smell is so real that it makes me salivate. It gets a little saltier as time goes by, and then soon a small drizzle of salted caramel floats up to the surface, coating the smoke and bacon. It stays like this through the drydown.

Arcana Superbia

Pride. Opulent vanilla musk and virgin coconut with Mysore sandalwood, neroli, cubeb, and petitgrain.

MY THOUGHTS: The first thing I thought was "mung bean and coconut milk dessert?" (Link opens to a recipe page for that Vietnamese dessert, but unfortunately the page is only in Vietnamese.) The neroli, vanilla musk, and coconut mix together to create a sweet, creamy, slightly floral, powdery scent that reminds me intensely of sweet mung beans and coconut milk. This dries down to a less sweet and more neutral powdery scent.

Arcana Avaricia

Greed. A grabby, voracious mix of blueberries, salal berries, pomegranates, strawberries, and red currants over a base of creamy musk and white amber.

MY THOUGHTS: The initial burst is one huge, intense, candied berry clusterfudge. I get ripe, juicy blueberries dancing and weaving in and out with fresh strawberries and tart pomegranate. It eventually fades to a soft, delicate amber musk.

Arcana Last Judgment

Holy resins of frankincense and myrrh with smudgy, tobacco-laced vanilla, amber, and labdanum absolute.
MY THOUGHTS: Good ol' classic: frankincense and myrrh. This blend is dark, dank, and resinous, with a tiny touch of sweet from the vanilla. In an hour or so, the tobacco starts surfacing, and this whole blend is just a very strong, dense, resinous tobacco vanilla pool of sludgy black. Very strong sillage and lasts a LONG time (something like 12 hours?).

Arcana Anthropophagia

Born out of a conversation here at Arcana about vices which were bafflingly left out of the seven deadly sins. To the early Catholic Church, envy was TFM, but... cannibalism? Apparently just fine. Hence this is our concept of a refreshing palate cleanser offered between courses of the long pork. Vanilla-infused pear sorbet with sugarcane, white amber, and a drop of French cognac absolute.
MY THOUGHTS: Fresh, light, sweet, and chilled cloudy pear juice. The pear fades a bit to reveal a lovely sugared vanilla amber. It then stays this way until fading. This scent is so pretty, sweet, and dainty for something that's basically named after cannibalism. LOL. Anthropophagia is the one that I bought from Arcana's ebay shop. I think I nabbed the last one, and Julia of Arcana isn't really selling it anywhere else from what I could find. =/

Overall, almost all of the scents were good. None of them stood out to the point that they made me want to double over and swoon, but none of them were repulsive either. I'll have to say that Anthropophagia is my favorite, mainly for the scent, but also partly because of the cool name. Haha.

Anyway, hope that helps! Did you get any of the Bosch scents from Arcana? Which ones sound good to you?

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