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I'm a 22-year-old perfume and makeup addict. I figured it would be useful to put up my opinions about the numerous indie products that I buy (and perhaps it would justify my purchases a little more if I use the reasoning that I am also helping others whilst satisfying my spending habits).

Skintone: My skintone/foundation color is somewhere between NC30 and NC35 in MAC. I am a bit darker than Urban Decay Naked Skin 4.0 but I wear it anyway because I like to brighten up my skin. Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in O40 matches me in the winter, and O60 matches me when it's sunnier outside. In other words, I have medium skin with yellow undertones and the ability to tan to a darker peachy yellow brown.

Fragrance Preferences: I generally get drawn to what I call "hippie goth cupcake" or "witchcraft bakery" type smells---foody, bakery gourmands that have woody, spicy, herbal, or resinous bases. Through my perfume journey, I've expanded to include fresh aquatic scents, fruits, and fruity florals, but my bias will always be for the aforementioned. I hate pure floral smells because they consistently give me searing headaches.


Here, I will list shops I am a repeat customer for. I have bought from them and will continue to buy from because I like their stuff.


  • Fyrinnae Cosmetics
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics
  • Darling Clandestine
  • Deep Midnight Perfumes
  • Alkemia
  • Sugar & Spite
  • Arcana Soaps @ The Soap Box Company


If you'd like to contact me for any reason at all, email me at:
I check my email compulsively and will most likely get back to you within the day (and if not, within the week).


All reviews are my own thoughts and opinions and are not meant to be taken (too) seriously.
All products are purchased by my own hard-earned money unless noted otherwise.
All photos and content on this blog are mine (written and photographed by me) unless stated otherwise.

I am in no way any kind of expert in makeup or perfume, although I am an expert in compulsive buying.

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